7 Days to Die Alpha 15.2 Fixes Horde Difficulty Adjustment

7 Days to Die Alpha 15.2 fixes some critical issues. Horde Difficulty is now fully adjustable when playing in a party.

7 Days to Die Alpha 15.2

It’s not just that, Planted corns are now fully working and using a bow is not going to result in multiple arrows from others perspective.

User login has also been updated which and Steam’s family sharing is also fixed together with the kick feedback. 7 Days to Die is hoping for the best, for real. The Devs are just trying to work hard on their mistakes but the players won’t allow it by just declining every success of theirs.

Cancelled arrows will now load from bow and custom modded UMA zombies not using external atlas is fixed.

However, the devs won’t stop here, posting the already known issues that should be receive a fix in near future. Being a survival game, everyone is concerned about the future outcomes of the game.

On the other side, we must place our concernes about other fixes since this update will just not click. Why? Because there are a lot of fixes that should be deployed and seems like some of them are being ignored.

If you are not able to load in the game after the update, make sure you restart your steam, fully.

However, let’s give the devs the credits for deploying at least some of the fixes with the Alpha 15.2 and try to make the game better. Oh, one more thing we forgot to say is that players are not going to be able to clip underground in order to see either bases or caves. Is Alpha 15.2 version going to bring a lot of changes? Let’s just wait and see what’s going to happen.

Well, we should all be aware that 7 Days to Die is still in alpha and should not be that mad. Let’s just give them time and hope for the best! For more upcoming fixes and additional info, make sure you visit this link.

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