Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Looks Awesome!

I am telling you, since the Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta, you’ll fall in love with this game. This game should make a really big change in the CO-OP world of games.

The game just promises a lot. Santa Blanca Drug cartel is going down, because I believe in the players power. Gathering Intel, learning what you need to do, and destroying your enemies will be a “piece of cake”. It’s that simple right? :).

By changing the CO-OP World, I mean on the launch of the Ghost Recon Network and HQ that should make the matchmaking a lot more easier and professional. This should help all the players find teammates like they want to have.

Preparing the game for 4 years resulted in creating the largest open world ever created by Ubisoft. The beautiful Bolivia will rock you out of your mind. Everything you can actually see, you can visit. The freedom of the game is just insane.

Keep in mind that before the development of this beautiful world, Ubisoft devs and employees actually visited Bolivia in order to find out and learn more about their culture. Another big advantage and reason for deploying a beautiful in-game Bolivian Open World.

It will all start with the character customization where you’re not going to be that much bounded like in The Division. Ghost Recon Wildlands just allows you to enjoy the game ever since the beginning. It also includes 4 different difficulties and they are:

  • Recruit
  • Veteran
  • Elite
  • Ghost.

I am pretty sure we’ll go for the Ghost as we are going to record our videos and one of us will hold the livestream opened on Twitch. However, the difficulty rely on more AI accuracy and better reactions. This will be really awesome!

Alright Ghosts, Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta should be your aim over the next period, together with For Honor.

Itacua will be the only place to play in the Closed Beta. This is where we’ll be dealing with all the Santa Blanca cartel. Utilities will be also really important and possible to use. This is just going to be insane. I find using Drones really fun and important in this game on discovering the Cartel’s positioning. You will be also able to use vehicles, flying Chopper and deploying a parachute??? God d***, this is just getting better and better.

The game also offers skill trees and upgrades as you go through. Also, in-game skins will be available and also tweaking your gear and weapons. It’s just as good as it can be :). Oh man, I am not even able to tell you everything because it offers a lot of things. But, make sure we’ll try to deploy guides and walkthrough for every single mission when the full game comes out.

Are you aggressive or more a tactical player? We’ll see that tomorrow.

Guys, the closed beta Livestream is now over, however you can check it out over here:

The Closed Beta is starting out tomorrow! Do not forget to visit us tomorrow so you can enjoy our Livestream because we are going to stream it all the way until we finish the closed beta, fully. Also, we are aiming on updating this article as we move forward during the Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta. See you tomorrow guys!

UPDATE 1.1: Doing all the Main Story Missions on Ghost Difficulty

As promised, we’ll start streaming on youtube in half an hour. However, we’ve been able to take out all the Ghost Recon Wildlands main Story Missions and accomplish them on Ghost Difficulty. It was really hard. We’ve managed to encounter some bugs too, but that’s why it’s Closed Beta, they will be reported to the Wildlands dev team ASAP. However, we’ve edited the video and it may look really easy, but it took us a lot of time to accomplish all of the story missions.

Enjoy! You can watch the video down below:

Update 1.2: It feels like everything is over

I mean, I have played the game for a really long time now and it feels like it’s the same things happening all over again. Well, I guess that’s the Wildlands closed beta what’s all about. We are not allowed to enjoy the game anymore except explore the world and go to places we’ve never been before.

If you are playing the closed beta too, I will tell you a way on how to enjoy the game and fight against Unidad forces. I mean, you can just start by killing some of the Unidad patrols you find around the map, and leave at least one guy to ask for a backup. Believe me, thousands of Unidad Forces will come and try to take you down. 🙂 This was really interesting! In order to take them all, make sure you got at least 1 sniper somewhere up high. Otherwise you will find yourself in a sandwich and will die fast.

Also, get your grenade launcher equipped, and aim to take the fight in front of an ammo box. Because it will be really really nasty.

This is the only way you can enjoy the game at the moment. At least from my perspective. Try it, you’ll see that is a real fun. We’re going to enjoy the game a little bit more, and try to enjoy it in the best possible way. If we find anything else that looks good, I will let you know.

This article will be updated during the Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta lifetime. We got 2 days left, so let’s make it count.

Update 1.3: The Realistic Bullet Drop Feature

I can honestly separate this feature from anything else. Adding the bullet drop in Wildlands is really good. I doubt that anyone will deny it and won’t like it when the game comes out fully. I mean, adding a bullet drop feature to a game, any game, is a perfect choice. You cannot go wrong with it. You do not know what bullet drop means because you haven’t played the closed beta? Well, you can see it in action down below :).

However, I think that the game needs at least 1 more harder difficulty. Why? Because, I am pretty sure every single Ghost Recon Wildlands player, at least throughout this closed beta, have been accomplishing the missions on ghost difficulty. The fact why Ghost difficulty needs to be harder than now, is because like this you do not even need to be a ghost. You can put yourself into an aggressive mode and just clear all the enemies.

A little tip for the devs. You want to create a realistic game, here’s a really good tip for you. Instead of being needed 2 or 3 bullets to take you down, change it to 1 bullet. Yeah, because on Ghost difficulty all you need is 1 bullet to kill the enemies, while on the other side, they need to shot 2 or 3 in your body to put you down. That’s just not working. Of course, let’s make this clear, we are judging this according the Wildlands Closed Beta, so I guess there will be some tweaks around this.

Hope you enjoyed the video :). Take care!

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