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Gloria Victis Patch 44 Adds New Types Of Iron Ore

gloria victis patch 44

Gloria Victis just got its latest update v. There are a lot of improvements as well as some major changes to the crafting system. Also, the inventory system goes to a new database. Keep on reading and find out more.

The latest update brings a redesigned Metallurgy and Mining recipes. In addition to this, the metal material which we use to craft armor or weapons is redesigned. About the migration process, the expectations are high. It will make the database speed faster and more reliable. You will have to log in and check it out. It will take some time due to migration queue. Below you can see all the changes.

Gloria Victis Update v. Patch 44 Notes

Here are all the changes coming with this update:

  • Redesigned Mining and Metallurgy recipes
  • Metal-based materials required to craft weapons and armors are redesigned as well
  • Added 2 new high-quality types of iron ore: siderite and magnetite. You can find them in mountain or volcanic areas and near lakes and rivers
  • Fixed an issue allowing to stop fire in enemy locations
  • Doubled Glory earned for tournament
  • Fixed “The Treacherous Company” and “Troublesome Highlanders” events
  • Modified the Pilgrim’s Staff recipe to prevent exploiting it for power-leveling
  • Minor improvements to the Glory window interface, including fixed tooltips
  • Unlocked two last tabs in depot
  • Fixed an issue causing corpses of dead players blocking other characters
  • Redesigned and rebalanced materials required for upgrading different objects in locations controlled by players
  • Fixed an issue allowing to open upgrades window in enemy locations
  • Fixed broken image in one of inventory tabs

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