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How To Play For Honor’s Lawbringer Class

Are you ready to bring the Law back to town? Well, we have our newest For Honor Lawbringer Guide pretty much ready to go. Believe me, playing the Lawbringer can be really fun. I mean, those combos are truly annoying for every single enemy. Congrats to the Lawbringer’s moveset, however, they actually look really spammy. But, I guess the most important thing for all of you is to just win games, right?

For Honor - Lawbringer Class

So, because of that, I’ve made a video on how to play the Lawbringer class in For Honor, including a text guide, this one. The combo works pretty much against everyone except against a Berserker, Orochi and Valkyrie. Peacekeepers seem like dangerous too, but however, you should be able to get them with ease. They seem like dangerous because of their dodge speed.

One more thing, keep in mind that your class, the Lawbringer, has a really fast Guardbreak. This means that your Guardbreaks will be really crucial in the gameplay, together with the Shove. You’ll see it in the video, for sure.

Let’s See How to Play For Honor’s Lawbringer Class

So basically, what you need to do is pretty simple. This guide relies on some of the Lawbringer’s abilities, not all of them. Actually, since I started speaking about that, we are going to use Shove, Shove Alternate and Shove Mixup mostly. Most of the people just enjoy doing the Long Arm, however, the Long arm cannot be followed by a Heavy that easy. Your enemy will pretty much recover and block the attack. All of the

All of the Lawbringer’s movesets above should be finished with only 1 chain. That chain move is called Judge, Jury and Executioner. This is because the other chains are not going to stun the opponents and they’re not going to give you any kind of boost. Using the Judge, Jury and Executioner with the Lawbringer will initiate the Unblockable attack. If it’s successful, you can follow it with another Shove.

Another cool fact is that this class is more like environmental class. You need to open your eyes so you can Guardbreak and push enemies into walls so they will get the stagger effect. After that, all you need to do is to perform the Top Heavy which is going to Stun them and also confuse them a bit. This will make their reactions go crazy and will also deal a lot of Stamina damage. This will give you the chance to use your Shove moveset and then it’s all about the Guardbreak and the Heavy attacks. You will see it in the video.

Lawbringer – Combo Guide

Before continuing, make sure you understand that after using Shove, which is our main moveset for this combo, you can initiate chain abilities from the second attack. This is going to give us the chance to perform and easy Judge, Jury and Executioner. The Shove ability can be activated by dodging sideways, after a block. Given the fact that the Lawbringer has a nice dodge overall, you should be doing that a lot! Also, before executing the Judge Jury and Executioner, make sure you think twice because it may be unblockable, but it can be parried.

That’s what you do not want to happen, right?

Useful Lawbringer Combos

  1. After a successful Block, use the Guardbreak button instantly (it will trigger Shove Alternate). After that, get an instant Guardbreak if you can and push the enemy towards a wall. Get a heavy from above. If the heavy is successful, you can activate Shove Mix Up by pressing the Guardbreak button again. It’s all on you from there. You can continue chaining it or get the Judge, Jury and Executioner. If the first Guardbreak gets blocked, try to get shove instantly and perform a heavy towards his open guard.
  2. Dodge (sideways, forward) and activate Shove by pressing the Guardbreak button. After that, follow step 1.
  3. Parry and then (get Blind Justice if possible) use a Guardbreak and push the enemy into a wall. Hit the Top Heavy attack. Your top heavy is a must! If it’s successful use Shove again instantly. Hit 2 Heavy Attacks one after another and get the Judge, Jury and Executioner Unblockable. Go back, regen Stamina.

A more advanced version of the Combo:

  1. Feint a Side Heavy attack into sideways or forward Dodge and activate Shove. Then, continue with the three combos from above. Totally your choice. Keep in mind that this one is successful almost every time.

Keep in mind that it is totally up to you because I am not planning on telling you how and when to use the combo. It’s your job to study the opponent and find out what would be the best option. Just as similar to our struggle against the Valkyrie in the video below.

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it. I hope you’ll love it. It’s a really short guide but it will help you a lot! Actually, that’s all you need to do with the Lawbringer! You can enjoy the video below.

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