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How To Play For Honor’s Peacekeeper Class

Right before the open beta comes to live, we’ve been preparing ourselves for this article. Have you been asking yourself how to play For Honor’s Peacekeeper? Well, we are now finally able to talk about the Peacekeeper and teach you how to play it. I Honestly do not know where to start, but let’s start by saying that playing the Peacekeeper class will just keep you in the game. At least, that’s what it did to me. I definitely enjoyed Playing the Peacekeeper. Not gonna lie though, the Orochi was kinda nice too. However, let’s move forward, we got a lot to talk about.

How To Play For Honor's Peacekeeper

Even though we’ve enjoyed the closed beta without writing anything about the classes, now, before tomorrow’s Open Beta comes to live, we’d love to prepare you for the big 1v1, 2v2 and Dominion fight you are going to experience. And Yeah, while playing the Peacekeeper! Also, there is a video that’s uploading right as we speak, so you will see how we do it every single time. It’s pretty simple.

How To Play For Honor’s Peacekeeper Against Every Other Class

Coming from the Knights faction, they are one of the strongest class ever. The Peacekeeper class can be aggressive, counter defensive, they can stop enemies attacks with their own fast attacks, can also make enemies bleed and much more… But, one of the most important facts that probably everyone forgets to talk about is the deflection and the Riposting Stab. Yes, they are able to deflect and avoid every single attack. How? Same like the Orochi can, just deflect the attack by dodging towards the side where the attack comes from, right before the impact. Besides the deflection, if you manage to hit the light attack button after deflecting occurs, you will apply Riposting Stab and bleed effect to enemies and they will be really mad. Believe me, it will be hard for you to master that, but when you do, huh.

Bleed effect you say? Yes, bleed effect will make enemies go crazy. Just make sure you learn all the Peacekeeper Movesets and you’ll be just fine.

A little bit of Intro

Seriously, guys, I do not know where to begin and how this article will go, but I will try my best. We are talking about For Honor and a lot of crazy MOVESETS. Peacekeeper will be your favorite class to play, I can tell you that.

Ok, because we are talking about my favorite game mode, I will try to give you the best tips against every other class. However, keep in mind that applying the bleed effect to enemy target is your main goal. Yes, against every single enemy.

You can apply the Bleed effect by using the Guardbreak. After you use Guardbreak and you break the guard of your opponent, make sure you apply Stab and bleed slowly without panicking. Because, if you use your light attack button really fast while the Guardbreak is active, you will not apply the three stacks of bleed, instead you will apply only 1 stack and the enemy will push you away. You need to do it slowly, one after another. Ok now, let’s do this, For Honor!

Oh, If I miss something, correct me anywhere you want, because I’ve been playing the game only for three days. Now, The open beta will give us the real chance to explore and experience more. And please do not Judge, I am trying to find what’s been memorized in my head from the closed beta in order to teach you something. Also, I am not planning to explain the basic mechanics like hold right analog right to deflect right or stuff like that. Just the real deal is important.

Playing Against The Wardens

You do not want to go that close to these guys since they can be really annoying. They have the power to push away your Guard Break, pretty much with a higher ratio than anyone else. They also have the power to make 2 fast Swings with their sword, which I call it a CLAP-CLAP thing. Every single Wardens player is aiming to do that to you. What you want to do is to get back and make a distance between both. Remember, you can charge the enemy by using Dashing Thrust anytime you want, so keep a distance!

Combo That Works Against Any Other Class

Playing the Peacekeeper, this what you should try in literally every single match:

After your Stamina is full, you can perform the Dashing Thrust, followed by a Deep Gouge. Then, try and go for the Guardbreak. After you do that successfully, make sure you apply the bleed only two times. Why two times? Because if you’re playing against an experienced player you will pretty much lose your stamina lose the fight instantly. The Wardens are dealing a big amount of damage so that’s why the Distance is needed.

Ok, so after you apply two stacks of the bleed effect, make sure you use your Guard Break button again while escaping towards an open area and pushing the enemy towards the closed area of the fight.

This is where most of the enemies panic as they are in a closed area. I mean, if you can apply the three stacks go ahead! Nothing’s better than applying Stab three times. After all of this happens, make sure your Stamina Bar is full before going in again. Remember, you are Peacekeeper and you are fast, so if he rushes you, you can easily hit the dodge button and use Sidestep Strike afterward. In this way, you will perform the counter hit which is also disturbing for enemies.

Do not try to perform the Riposting Stab because you will not succeed, it’s really hard. Instead, do the normal blocking and dodging. Follow this guide, keep distance by avoiding his Guardbreak, it’s really annoying. Do that and you should be just fine.

Conquerors are Easy to Get

This class deals a good amount of damage but you should not be worried about that. You should be able to avoid every single attack very easy. The Conquerors will be ready and should deflect your every single Dashing Thrust. But, this is where the Guard Break comes strong. Using Guard break on these guys is really easy, all you need to do is make sure they pop the 100% chance and this is where your Guard Break comes to live.

After all of that happens and the Guard Break is active, make sure you apply three stacks on this guy, they are extremely slow and the bleed effect bonus damage is a must! I mean, you can pretty much play with these guys around, they shouldn’t be that harm. 2 times Dashing Thrust, 2 times Guard Break right after the Dashing Thrust and Bleed, they should be dead. However, keep your eyes on your stamina, you must not lose it at all. If you lose the stamina against this guy, your fight will be finished and you’ll be laying on the ground :). His two shots will be crucial. So do not let him get them.

Also, do not try to block attacks while playing against him, all you want to do is just Sidestep Strike after that. You should be alright, I believe. Conquerors will be your easy marks.

Playing against yourself, a Peacekeeper

Literally, everything can go upside down while playing against Peacekeeper himself. It’s so strange. If I tell you how to play against him you’ll laugh. You do not need to act that smart and use your combos and stuff like that. Instead, just freaking light attack the h*** out of that guy while avoiding the block. You should be more than alright as everyone playing peacekeeper tries to act funny with the Movesets :).

If you have the chance to apply the bleed, do that. You just need to discover what he’s goal is actually. That’s all. I am not planning to speak about this kind of match as you will learn it as we move forward.

The LawBringers

Never played against them, but we will meet them tomorrow. As soon as I meet a LawBringer I will update this article.

Fighting The Kensei

We’re talking about the Kensei, one of those who can perform Unblockable attacks and they can be really annoying. They also deal pretty good amount of damage so your only job will be to dodge it and use the heavy attack. This will activate Sidestep Strike. Sidestep Strike is really important, keep in mind that you can dodge almost every single attack against every class. However, distance or not, Kensei can be really annoying coming at you and just spamming attacks. I do not find any other way except dodging and using Sidestep Strike. Dodging towards the attack and maybe getting the Riposting Stab would be so cool.

That’s all I have to say about the Kensei, just make sure when they use the unblockable attack to get away, nothing else is needed. That is the only moment where you lose the fight. Keep in mind that going and staying really close to him might be the only option while blocking their attacks. Keep your right analog finger ready, because the blocks are going to be your only chance.

So, it’s pretty much like this. Dodge, Guard Break, Apply bleed, run away. Try to use Dashing Thrust, dodge, Guard Break, Apply bleed, run away. You can also try to use your Deep Gauge by clicking heavy attack and light attack afterward, you need to hold heavy attack btw. But, care because if you receive 1 swing, there will be another to follow for sure. If that happens, get back and reinitiate the fight.

Countering the counter himself, The Orochi

The Orochi is really fast and also countering class so you might want to think twice before charging in.Well, thankfully, the Peacekeeper is really fast and can take care of the Orochi. If you do the Dashing Thrust charge, make sure you do it while you’re standing at half of the charge distance, otherwise, you might fail. He can counter the Dashing Thrust charge really easy, so make sure you don’t fail the charge. Another good think Orochi possess is the fast dodge, just like the Peacekeeper.

However, it should be easy for you to win over Orochi. Make sure you charge from a half distance away, apply Guard Break, apply 3 stacks of bleed, get back. Regenerate Stamina and do the same. If that’s not working, try going close and dodging every single attack. Do not try to block his attacks. Just dodge and heavy attack so you will activate Sidestep. Also, applying the bleed effect with the is possible by Using Deep Gauge while holding Heavy Attack button and then clicking light attack. It should be working.

Whatever the Orochi does, just make sure you dodge it and attack Sidestep afterward. You can actually spam Sidestep Strike all the time and you’ll still get him. However, Guard Break is easy against him and you should go for that. Nothing else to say.


Never played against him before but tomorrow I probably will and I will update this article as soon as I do that.

Nobushi and The Long Range Annoying Spear

The Nobushi class is probably the biggest Peacekeeper counter, EVER! I mean, he’s the Biggest Counter to every other class, overall. However, we have the explanation on how to beat him. What is common in these two classes is that both of them perform bleed effect with their attacks, and the long-range spear is why I found the Nobushi more annoying than the Peacekeeper.

What you wanna do against the Nobushi is get close to him. When you perform the Dashing Thrust, just make sure he’s not in the attack animation. If he’s in attack animation and you perform the Dashing Thrust, your DT will be stopped and followed by a series of attacks. That will probably apply the bleed effect on you too. If you are fighting on a bridge or have the chance to get him off a cliff, do not miss that opportunity. That’s probably the easiest way to win over the Nobushi. Well, that’s actually the best way to win every single fight :).

But, If you do not have that opportunity, make sure you go close to him and whenever he performs a high attack try to dodge it and use SideStep Strike right away. If he’s swinging left or right, make sure you block the attacks, go a bit closer and apply Guard Break. Stack those 3 bleed effect shots and go back to regen Stamina. You can easily make him go out of stamina and then it’s your time to shine and shoot the light attacks with an amazing speed. Spam the light attack button like crazy. If you do all that, you should be totally alright.

Fighting The Raiders is a Piece of Cake

One of the funniest enemies you’ll ever have. There is only 1 thing you should be aware of. However, is not that scary as it seems. The Raider can charge towards you, grab you and slam you against a wall. So, get your back of a wall and you will be more than alright. After they slam you they can blind you and they also have an unblockable attack they can use. However, you can avoid any of those things with just dodging while out of combat. He cannot even touch you. After all, you’re a Peacekeeper and it should be easy for you to do that.

Another thing you should be aware of is the swings. That Axe is pretty big and the swings from the left or right are not easy to dodge. Well, they are easy but you need to dodge towards the side where the attack comes from. If you do that every single time, he will get mad for sure and he’s not going to hit you at all. But, if you dodge towards the other side, that Axe gonna get you for sure. Make sure you do not fail the dodge and you will be alright.

Everything else should be easy for you. I mean, you can definitely terrorize this guy in every single way. He’s not going to stop you at all. Charging Dodging, Guard Break, Applying Bleed effect, Dagger… Literally, everything you want you can do against this guy :). Peacekeeper is one of the strongest counters to a Raider and that’s all. That’s all I have to say. Let’s move forward.

Oh, One last thing I forgot. If you are close to the edge of a cliff, be careful because he can pretty much drive you off the cliff easy.

The Fast and Dominion Based Berserkers

I honestly did not have the chance to taste them in 1v1 or 2v2 matches. However, I saw them a lot in Dominion being able to kill a lot of people. Their hatchet attacks are pretty fast and they can demolish you if they grab that combo. They also have a pretty decent AOE.

I will update this article when I meet a Berserkers in 1v1 or 2v2. However, If you play Dominion and there is one of them, make sure you avoid them and go towards the point. 😉

As I said I will update this article if I meet this class. I did that and won the matches very easy. Nothing special, it’s a piece of cake for the Peacekeeper. Make sure you initiate with Dashing Thrust followed by a Guard Break and Stab. That’s all you need to do.

I forgot to say that the Berserkers are really fast and they can dodge The Peacekeeper’s Dashing Thrust. In this order, make sure you Dodge instantly too and follow that with a Heavy attack.

Go back, regen stamina and do the same thing. If he starts spinning around make sure you block all of those attacks. Nothing else is needed. They are actually easy to deal with. But, if they apply the crazy combos on you, may god help you. When you play the Peacekeeper, overall, the only thing you need to pay attention for is to try and be as much as unpredictable as you can. Otherwise, things might go bad. This includes using Dashing Thrust from not too far away and using the Deep Gouge afterward. Otherwise, they’ll know when the Dashing Thrust is being initiated.

Fighting Warlords is Fun

Haha! Just like the Conqueror, funny! They are like yo come at me hu-ha I have a shield. Pff just another Deja Vu. The only thing to be prepared for is to dodge, because he owns a lot of unblockable attacks. That’s all. I do not find that scary because it’s really easy to dodge it and use Guard Break together with Stab and Bleed effect afterward.

What you want to do against this guy is use Dashing Thrust as much as you can… If he doesn’t block it, use Guard Break and apply bleed. But, I am sure he will block it. If he blocks it, try to instantly dodge left or right and use Sidestep Strike and then try Guard Break again. Apply the Bleed effect, and there’s your easy win. Dodge, Heavy attack, Dodge, Heavy attack. That’s all you want to do. It’s easy, you’ll see.

Valkyries, The Next Big Thing

Never met them, never fought them. But, After I meet some of them I will tell you what’s going on right away. As I’ve said above, I will update the article for sure.

Focus The Points in Dominion Mode

Dominion is definitely something different. Your Armor (Items) have its own role in this game mode. If you want me to tell you about what kind of playstyle should you offer, alright. However, we’ll talk a bit later about the builds and stats. Otherwise, your playstyle approach should be nothing but the points and 1v1 fights. If you have the chance to take a 1v1 in Dominion, go for it. That’s what Peacekeepers should do. They’re fast, agile, your only chance to win is to capture the points.

That’s pretty much it! Playing with Peacekeeper means Honor. After all, it’s For Honor we talk about. Mastering the Peacekeeper class is the only thing you need to do. You will feel blessed and happy after winning matches with your amazing skills and movesets. Peacekeeper for life! I dare you to master the Riposting Stab because it will annoy people a lot!

Last but not least, as promised, the video where I am playing Peacekeeper and Orochi is down below. It contains only 1v1 fights. Like it, love it, criticize it, it’s up to you. However, I will continue to play the Peacekeeper and own every single game I can.

Do not forget to comment down below! I hope you’ll love this Peacekeeper guide that almost took a half of my day ;). It’s not over yet, there’s more to come! Guys, please, do not Judge, we are really trying to do our best in developing these For Honor Guides. They are also being updated all the time as we proceed in the game. If you think you need to judge instead of giving your thoughts on what should we change in these Guides… then, we honestly don’t know what to say.

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