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Mobile Legends Freya Build Guide

Freya is a very offensive hero in MLBB. A fighter, which with the best build guide can be an MVP in the game without any doubts. Therefore I will make sure for all MLBB players to get the perfect equipment. So sit back, relax and keep on reading.

As you already know, Freya is part of the Fighter class in Mobile Legends. She is with high HP, attack speed and physical attack. Also, her skills help a lot for she to be one of the hardest heroes to play and deal with in MLBB.

freya build guide

First, I would like to start with her skills and how to use them. Find out more below.

How to use Freya’s Skills:

Freya is with 4 skills. One of them is passive and the rest are casters. Her passive skill is Spirit Contact. She gets a shield, but only when she receives 2 hits.

The next hit, will activate the shield and the enemy will receive damage. One of Freya’s casters is Wings of Faith. She jumps in a specific area, pulls the enemies closer and deals 240 physical dmg. Godspeed Strike is her next caster.

This spell increases her attack speed and movement speed. This works only for 3 hits. The last hit will stun the enemy in front of Freya and will deal 180 physical dmg.

Her ult is Valkyrie. Freya becomes a Valkyrie, deals 360 dmg with increased armor, attack power and magical resistance.

Here is the best way to use her skills: First use the Wings of Faith, then Godspeed Strike and her ult for last. In this order, all enemies will focus on her and she will definitely get a triple kill. But, to make it even easier, I have the perfect item build. You can check it out below.

Best item build for Freya in Mobile Legends:

The following equipment adds points to her physical attack, magic power, HP, mana, and armor. Here we go:

  • Hunter Strike – Adds 100 physical attack and 20% cd reduction. Also, every time you eliminate an enemy, the movement speed will increase up to 30%
  • Tough Boots – Adds 22 magic resistance and 40 movement speed. Freya’s Resilience increases for 25% as well
  • Endless Battle – Whenever you use a spell, her next basic attack gets an extra 70% as true dmg. Her movement speed also increases whenever the Divine Justice effect is on
  • Ice Frost – Freya’s basic attack can slow down the target by 35%. Also, adds 30 physical attacks and 1000 HP
  • Wind Chaser – Adds +60 physical attack and +40% physical penetration
  • Demon’s Advent – Every hit by the enemies will reduce their attack power by 4%. A great item for Freya in each battle.

This is my best way to play Freya. If you think and know any other good build, please let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to test it.

Have fun and enjoy playing Freya in MLBB.

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  1. 1. Toots of Greed
    2.Warrior Boots
    3.Dominiance Ice
    4.Demon’s Advent
    5.Cursed Helmet
    6.Blade Armor

    it’s nice set i made penta with this items.

  2. My current Freya build…..I’m still a noob so I’m learning and playing round with it atm, comments or advice are appreciated 🙂

    * Crazed Reaper for 1st item (gives 65 phys attack + 300 hp + 20% attack speed….plus the unique passive gives 10% movement speed and lowers target’s armour by 7 whenever you use your Basic AND it stacks)….What’s not to love? lol 🙂

    * Tooth of Greed for attack, lifesteal and a booster when HP gets low.

    * Bloodthirsty King, this gives huge HP, regen, and unique passive of 20% regen on top. – am thinking of swapping for Endless Battle though to see if it works better –

    * Blade of Despair (130 phys Attack, 25% Attack speed and 10% critical strike chance, plus the unique passive of extra 15% damage to enemies in an abnormal state – e.g. Stunned, knocked up etc

    * Cursed Helmet for HP and magic resist or
    – Demon’s Advent for 920 HP and 54 Armour and Unique passive of reducing enemy’s attack by 4% when they attack you (stacks x3)

    * Lastly Brute Force Breastplate for HP, Armour & stackable passive giving a 4 second boost to movement speed and physical attack 🙂

    Seems to work well for me as the build for damage/duration, she is handy for tower-diving, using the interference ability and the blue buff from spinner monster she can take enemies by surprise and rack up loads of kills plus her health lasts really well….she can usually solo the Lord too once she gets Blade of Despair 🙂

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