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Moskov Build Guide And Skills In Mobile Legends

moskov build guide

Moskov is the newest hero that will join Mobile Legends very soon (now available). For this reason, I have the best item build and how to use Moskov when it launches. So, I got you all ready to kick some buts 🙂

He is part of the Marksman class, with high damage. A ranged hero, which can get you an MVP title without any problems. To make it even easier, I have the perfect solution for you. First, I will start with his skills. Keep on reading and find out more.

How to use Moskov in Mobile Legends?

As the rest of the heroes, Moskov is with 4 skills, one passive and three casters. His passive skill is Spear of Quiescence that can penetrate targets. His first caster is Abyss Walker. Using this skill, he can teleport to a specific area and get closer to the enemies, or even escape when on low HP. The next caster is Spear of Death. This is a great skill that can be both used in a team fight or solo fight. This caster can stun the enemies for 2 seconds.

His ult is  Spear of Destruction. Moskov launches a spear into specific directions by dealing a significant amount of damage. Here is the best way to use his skills: Spear of Death, that stuns the enemy, then use his teleport if the target is escaping to get closer and eliminate it. If not, then go for the stun, followed by his ult. Simple right? Well, let’s see when you get a chance to play it.

Moskov Build Guide and how to be an MVP:

Now, it’s time for Moskov item build. The following equipment grants him high damage, critical strike, attack speed and movement speed. Here are the best items for Moskov:

  • Haas’s Claws – Adds 75 physical attack and 25% lifesteal. A great starter item that can speed up the process of making in-game cash and get the next items
  • Berserker’s Fury – This item increases his physical attack for +65. Also, it increases his critical strike chance. Only these two items are enough for Moskov, trust me
  • Swift Boots – The boots will grant him additional attack speed and movement speed. A smart choice is to get them right after the first item
  • Scarlet Phantom – Now we are talking! You now have +20% critical chance. Getting this item will add an extra 10% to the critical chance and extra 35% attack speed. Critical strike and attack speed are the killer in Mobile Game. Blink, hit, simple as that
  • Blade of Despair – It works perfectly with his skill, Spear of Death. Why? Well, this item deals an extra dmg to any enemy that is stunned
  • Heart of Steel – Defense item that will give Moskov an extra 880 HP, 30 armor and 35 HP regeneration. Also, it increases the critical strike chance.

In addition, this build is also very effective. Try it and let me know.

You now have the perfect killer in Mobile Legends. And believe me, playing against Moskov can sometimes be a big pain! Until the official release date of Moskov, don’t forget to subscribe and get the best MLBB builds. Check out the final results below!

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