Out of Reach Patch v0.26 With A New Area Control Mode

Out of Reach just got the latest update, patch v0.26. This patch brings a new Area Control mode, gathering bonus and some bug fixes. Below you can see more details about it, so go ahead and read on.

Area Control mode is also known as Territory Claiming. So, what do you have to know about it? Every player will find only one of the 12 flag masts. This flag mast is meant only for a single territory. Whenever you get it, your clan will get a bonus and the team with the most flags gets points, which increases the clan ranking. This means that you need to have a clan or to be part of it. Then you need to claim a land and put a flag on it.

out of reach patch v0.26

By claiming the territory, you become the Ruler or the Conquerer. The Ruler is the who finds a free mast and “Claim Territory”. The Conquerer is the one who will claim an already taken land. An interesting fact is that whenever you become a Conquerer, your clan gets additional 1 point, and the other clans will lose a point. So, keep in mind that you can be on the losing side. Also, if a clan member dies, your clan will lose points.

Out of Reach Patch v0.26 Changes and Fixes:

You are now familiar with the new mode, Area Control. The next very important change is gathering bonus. The Area Control requires a new season to start this mode. Every base and construction built in Standard and PvP servers will be lost. But here comes the gathering bonus. To get this bonus of extra 25% up to 50% you have to work as one. In this way, the chance to retrieve whatever you built are bigger. Work hard, play harder!

Here are all Out of Reach changes that come with the latest update:

  • Fixed quests scheduler making lags on servers with more than 20 players
  • Fixed issues causing frame drop every 10sec in certain situations
  • Increased door durability and disabled option to salvage doors
  • Updated player spawns and logic behind it to better support servers with lots of constructions
  • Fixed problem with unlocking of achievements when 2 quests are completed at once
  • Fixed steel pickaxes disappearing from in-game FPS view in some cases

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