Paladins Torvald Build Guide, Cards Included

We’re pretty sure you’ll try it right away and you’ll love it like never before. Torvald has come to the game before some time, and I can see that a lot of players are trying different builds. However, we might’ve discovered the best build ever. Even though we are a bit late with this Paladins Torvald Build Guide, this might be exciting for you.

Paladins Torvald Build Guide

Speaking of Torvald, we all know what kind of champion he is. He’s a Front Line champion, a true tank which owns a really big shield and can also save teammates. Well, it’s not just that, meaning that by saving teammates by using his Protection skill, he can protect himself too. How? Well, that’s why we’ve made this build, to show you how. Let’s have a look.

Even if the previous builds of ours does not contain any info about the in-game purchases, in this build we advise you to get the Chronos item. Getting this item might be really crucial as you need those extra cooldowns. Lesser cooldowns = more survivability. Believe me, Torvald will become your favorite Front Line Champion in Paladins.

Paladins Torvald Build Guide – EXTRASHIELD

You might ask yourself why is this build named EXTRASHIELD. By EXTRASHIELD we mean on the right and nicely timed usage of his Protection ability. The right usage will give you extra Shield and that’s where the name comes from. Now, Let’s preview the build in the picture below and explain it.

Torvald Build Guide Cards, EXTRASHIELD

Card 1: Vital Grasp, 1 Point

This card is not going to generate you more shield. Instead, Vital Grasp will help you generate your shield for 5% faster. You probably know about this, but I must say it to make it clear. I do not have anything else to explain around this as it doesn’t require you to do anything special with Torvald except using your right-click.

Card 2: Glyph of Siphoning, 2 Points

This card will boost your survivability too by adding you 200 shield. However, you will need to eliminate enemy champion in order the card to activate. This also doesn’t require any special set of skill, except turning your enemy down, at least by assisting your teammates. Cool, right? Nothing else to add, let’s move to the third card.

Card 3: Conduction, 1 Point

By reducing the cooldown of Recharge by .5 seconds, I doubt you gonna change the game. However, it might be crucial sometimes even if you won’t be able to feel the actual cooldown. I do not have anything else to explain about this card as it’s pretty straight. Recharge won’t be our main goal in Paladins, not more than Protection.

Card 4: Timeshaper, 4 Points

Now this is where the fun part starts to click. This card will pretty much help you reduce the cooldown of Torvald’s protection ability by 2 seconds. Remember that above, we said about buying Chronos so you can get a lot faster cooldowns on your abilities. This clicks nice with Chronos. It’s not just that. The normal cooldown is 7 seconds and this will make it to 5, instantly. So, I guess now you can understand why getting Chronos is actually good.

The fourth and fifth cards of this build are connected and extremely important. Timeshaper goes well with Hearthwarder, let’s see why.

Card 5: HearthWarder, 4 Points

You think that this is useless? Actually, it isn’t. Hearthwarder will give you that extra 400 Shield and will help you tank easier. All you need to do is just try to protect an ally or if you’re in a big danger just turn around and spam the Protection Ability. It’s really simple and easy to perform. You’ll see. Now, let’s combine all of the cards and make a nice conclusion.

One of the best Torvald abilities, if not the best, is his Ultimate. Using Hyper Beam at the right time is really important. Hyper Beam can pretty much make you push enemies of a point and it has insane range. Also, do not miss the chance to use the ultimate if you have the possibility to push the enemies outside of the map, which is going to result with insta-kill. If you have the chance, just pop the ultimate, or keep it until the end of the Payload Push and clear the path of enemies so the push will be easily finished.

We’ve also prepared a video and it’s uploading the moment as we publish this article. Do not worry, I will update the article with the video and you’ll see the amazing tank abilities. Keep in mind that we didn’t have any other front line except Torvald. If you have a chance to co-op with another tank on your team, I think you’ll be unbeatable. Saving yourself by saving friends it’s really OP in Paladins.

The Video is finally uploaded and you can see it below:

I honestly hope you’ll like this build. Take care and do not forget to subscribe for more news!

Torvald Build Guide


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