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SMITE 4.1 Patch Introduces New Frames, Wards And Season 4 Updates

SMITE just got its new patch 4.1. This patch brings new loading frames, recalls, wards and new achievements in the game, as well as Season 4 updates.

SMITE 4.1 Patch Notes:

As new loading frames, Iron Tyrant gets Diamond Conquest, Masters Conquest, Platinum Conquest, Diamond Joust, Masters Joust and Platinum Joust. As new recalls you can find Diamond Student, Diamond Master and Diamond God Recalls FX. NRG Ward hits SMITE together with Mirror Match and 3v3 Morrigan new achievements.

smite 4.1 patch

Also, this patch 4.1 brings an update to Season 4 Ranked, Conquest Map, Clash Map, Relic Updates, item updates and consumable updates. To see the full patch notes, please follow this link and find out more.


For the 2017 Season Ticket, whoever unlocks it with buying the Spring Season Ticket, gets modern Mercenary Nemesis, permanent FP booster and ability to vote for FP. Also, there is a Bundle of Quests that gives up to 1500 FP. You will get 15 team worshiper booster as well. These can be activated in the Match Lobby and will give 2x Worshipers to your teammates. For unlocking through FP, you will get a Cutesy chest, Enigma Chest roll, Undying Chest roll, Emote, Swarm Sentry Ah Muzen Cab and Nevercake Announcer Pack. There is also a Season Ticket 2017 Spring Recall FX and a Loading Frame.

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