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Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.11 Brings New Content And Features

Watch Dogs 2 got it’s latest update 1.11. This patch is with few free content updates, gameplay improvements and bug fixes. It will hit all platforms soon. Also, a new DLC Human Condition is coming. Keep on reading and find out more.

Each online DLC can be found in the Guest Mode. But nothing to worry about. If you don’t have DLC and one of your friends does, then he/she can simply invite you to join them. This way you can get in touch with that content. But let’s see what this new patch has changed.

watch dogs 2 patch 1.11

Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.11 Notes:

First, I will start with the new content and features. There are new dances, emotes, clothing and new Ubisoft Club reward. There are also a Bounty Hunter Respawn and Narrative.

  • New dance – There are new variations of Marcus’s dance emote. This is connected by wearing different clothing.
  • Emotes – 2 new emotes, laughing and mock!
  • Clothing – You can now choose between 12 new clothing items.
  • Ubisoft Club Reward – Dress up like For Honor or Ghost Recon: Wildlands character (check out the image above).
  • Bounty Hunter Respawn – If you got killed during a bounty pursuit, you can respawn, which makes the fight longer.
  • Narrative – The devs are not sharing any specific details about it. Just  a tip, if you finish a mission, try it one more time and the surprise awaits.

The leaderboard interface is now changed. Previously it got confusion among the players, why their rankings are reset. To find out more about this, please visit this link.

There are also changes to the multiplayer mode. You can no longer make Online trolling, the co-op respawn in Bounty Hunter is reduced, shotties are nerfed and the camping is minimized.

In addition, there are some bug fixes and performance improvements. Game systems are now improved as well as missions. You will also find graphic improvements.

For the PC players, there are new specific updates. This update hits Video and Controls option. A new Post-Process Anti-Aliasing mode is added and a new video option as well. These are the most important changes. To find out more info about this patch, please visit this link.

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