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WoW Arena Skirmish Is Now Active

This week’s event in World of Warcraft is Arena Skirmish. The event will be active for the whole week. What you have to do is open the Group Finder, select PvP tab, choose Arena Skirmish and join the epic battle.

A perfect time to get more Honor. So, here are the main features:

wow arena skirmish

  • Find Archmage Lan’dalock¬†in Dalaran and get a quest
  • You have to win 10 Arena PvP Skirmishes
  • Your reward will be a PvP loot
  • Get 50% honor gains as a passive buff

In addition, there are some bonus events as well. Each bonus event starts on Tuesday.

The event grants you a passive bonus and a reward for a specific goal. To make it easier for yourself, just keep up with the in-game calendar and track these events. Also, you can find a direct link to them in the Adventure Guide.



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