WoW Events And Holidays In February 2017, Plus Some Bonus Events

Great news for all World of Warcraft fans. This month, February 2017, WoW holds some great Holidays and Events. But that’s not all. There are Bonus Events as well! So, keep on reading and find out more about WoW’s schedule in the month of February.

We all know the Lunar Festival because it’s already active as the first event in WoW for this year. Just a reminder, this event started on January 21 and will be active until February 4.

wow events and holidays in february 2017

Next up is the Darkmoon Faire. Here you can play a mind game and this is a great option to test your patience in Azeroth. This event starts on February 5 and will last for 6 days until February 11.

This goes for all lovers out there. Love is in the Air is the next event that starts on February 7 through February 21. A perfect timing and idea to spend Valentine. Well, I will be playing for sure, what about you? 🙂 But be careful, there is something weird going on in Azeroth.

Ger ready for the Hatching of the Hippogryphs on February 23. All you have to do is visit Frayfeather Highlands in Feralas and be a witness of this spectacle.

As I have already mentioned above, there are some Bonus Events as well. Here is an easier way to find them. Go in Adventure Guide in WoW, find a direct link to active events and you are all set to go. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus and once-per-event quest with reward. So, here is the full schedule for the Bonus Events:

  • Starting February 7 until February 13 the Pet Battle Bonus event takes place in WoW. During this time, your pets will get 3x exp
  • Next is the Timewalking Dungeon Event: Cataclysm. This starts on February 14 and will run until February 21. Every player with lvl 86 or higher can access the Timewalking Dungeon Finder queue
  • Next up is the Arena Skirmish Bonus Event. From February 21 until February 27, the players will receive an increased rate of Honor in the Arena
  • World Quest Bonus Event is the last event in WoW for the month of February. This event starts February 28 and will end on March 6. If you finish Broken Isles World Quests with an appropriate faction you will earn bonus reputation.

As we are finishing up, head out to WoW and join the public Patch 7.2 testing. Have fun and enjoy playing!

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