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Yi Sun-shin Build Guide And How To Use Skills Guide In Mobile Legends

Yi Sun-shin is the newest hero that soon will take place in MLBB. So far, it’s known that he is a Korean general who uses a glaive and bow to slay enemies. He is famous general well known in Korea for standing up for his country. As soon as it comes in the game I will have the best item build guide. As promised, keep on reading as Yi-Sun shin is now available. Also, you can check it out my previous games on MLBB with Yi-sun Shin below. Let me know what do you guys think.

Also, I will make sure to present you the best way on how to use his skills. Until the official release of Yi Sun-shin, subscribe with us and get the best MLBB builds.

yi sun-shin build guide

Yi Sun-shin item build and how to use his skills:

Yi Sun-shin skill has been revealed. He is with 4 skills, Heavenly Vow, One-wave Sweep, Blood Floods and his ult, Mountain Shocker.

  • Heavenly Vow – Depending on his range, Yi Sun-shin can switch from range to melee attack
  • One-Wave Sweep – He jumps backward, by releasing a wave of damage to an enemy
  • Blood Floods – Yi Sun-shin charges his bow and releases an arrow. This arrow can hit enemies in a line and slows them down
  • Mountain Shocker – A wave of fire comes from the sky by dealing dmg and slows the enemies at the same time.

Just a quick note! Please have in mind that Yi Sun-shin is not yet released. A change might come with his official release.

The Best Item Build you will ever see!

Yi Sun-shin hit MLBB! Are you ready to get the best item build and be a PRO in the game? If you are, I have something special for you! Keep up and get an MVP title in every match. Here are the best items for Yi Sun-shin.

I have some big changes about Yi-Sun shin build guide. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but as always I’m trying to give you the best item build, so I hope you will understand all these changes.

  • Windtalker – Adds 25% attack speed, 20 pts movement speed and 20% critical chance. On each 5th attack, the next one will deal additional 125 magic damage up to 3 enemies
  • Hunter Strike – Adds +100 physical attack and 20% cd reduction. Every time you kill an enemy, Yi-Sun shin movement speed will increase by 30%
  • Warrior Boots – Yi-Sun shin gets +22 armor and +40 movement speed. This item increases his physical defense up to 15 pts
  • Berserker’s Fury – Increases his critical strike and his physical attack
  • Fallen Sword – Adds +45 physical dmg, +30% attack speed and +10% lifesteal. Also, the basic attacks will deal an extra 8% of the enemy’s HP
  • Heart of Steel – This item gives additional HP, armor as well as HP regen. In addition, it increases +20% critical strike rate reduction

Here is how I did with this item build. Good luck and have fun!

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yi sun-shin build guide

So far, Yi-sun Shin is my favorite hero! Win after win, MVP after MVP. Going wild!

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