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Alarak Build Guide – You Address the Highlord? – Updated

After Alarak’s changes landed, we had to upgrade this guide. Now, the guide is updated and contains whole different abilities. Heroes of the Storm is not a game you need to keep an eye on any kind of resources, but getting the required experience while playing ranked is really important. As before the changes, it was essential to Alarak to hold down his lane. Well, after the changes, his playstyle suits ganking as it will give him the needed Sadism in early game.

Alarak Build Guide – Discord Strike and Sustain of Sadism For The Win

Ok, so let’s see what kind of build we’re using, which is probably the best you can go for at this moment.

Alarak Build Guide

Alarak is all about his trait power. He’s having the most benefits of Sadism, so dying will lead you nowhere but into an Oblivion. Therefore, make sure before anticipating a fight assure that you’re in a good position. If not, just inform your team to avoid taking the fight, because as we said, you’re Alarak and you need all the needed Sadism.

1 Extended Lightning.

 4 Chaos Reigns

7 Dissonance

10 Counter-Strike

13 Rite of Rak'Shir

16 Lethal Onslaught

20 Last Laugh

Alarak Strengths

By using these talents you can pretty much gain a lot. This build is surely a booster to Alarak’s combo, however maintaining the Sadism without dying pretty much rely on Alarak’s strengths in general. It’s one of the strongest combos, and as a player you’ll need a lot of practice to master it. Also, at level 16, you will be able to gain heals by spamming the ability. This should make Alarak a bit more healthy before reinitiating a fight. It is annoying for the opposite players indeed.


Don’t get caught, because if you do, you’ll be pretty much dead. Performing the combo Telekinesis into Discord Strike is your number one priority. It’s all about the combo, and that’s why I hate Alarak after the changes. He dies easily as you cannot rely on his survivability at all. Although you lose a bit of Sadism because of the first talent, you can always perform the quest when there’s a big fight. You need to be focused and catch three enemy heroes in the center of the lightning. It’s hard, but also challenging and pays out quite a lot.


Speaking of combos, there’s not much to say except to perform the Telekinesis -> Discord Strike combo. But as I said, do not dive that much in otherwise it might get bad for you. Alarak’s gameplay is all about the brain. Make sure you bring your brain into the game before playing Alarak. Sustaining Power has been changed, but we’re considering putting it back, as sometimes is hard to accomplish Extended Lightning’s quest.

You might be asking yourself why did we go for Last Laugh at level 20. It’s a risky talent, but, sometimes it can be a life savior. Before you use it, keep in mind that your hp will go down to 1. However, in hard situations where your team is losing the big fight, this will reassure you won’t miss all of the gained Sadism, despite the fact the talent comes at level 20.

That’s all we have to say, for now. As you’ve noticed, we started to perform short and useful guides, and I honestly hope that you’ll love this Alarak Build Guide. The Talents are good, and it’s just the playstyle you’ll need to adjust to. Do not forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments down below.

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