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Cao Cao Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

Personally, I find Cao Cao a very difficult hero to play with. But, for your luck, I have the best build guide that changes everything. First, I will focus on how to use his skills and at the end of this article, you can find the item build for Cao Cao.

Cao Cao is a melee, tank hero in Heroes Evolved. Very slow, with low attack speed, but with high HP. Like any other hero in the game, he is with 4 skills. One of them is passive, Sword Dance. This ability grants Cao Cao additional critical dmg when on low HP.

cao cao build guide

His first caster is Tornado Blade. He summons a blade shield around him, protecting him from any negative buffs. This blade shield deals physical dmg to enemies as well. Glorious Sword is his second spell. Cao Cao swings his sword in a specific area by dealing physical dmg to enemies. If the enemies are in front of his blade, they will get dbl dmg. If they are on the side of the blade, their movement speed will be reduced.

Undying Heroism is Cao Cao’s ult. He becomes too powerful to be defeated. While in this state, any attack grants 3 stacks of Heroic Strength. When he goes out of the state, he gets healed from the Heroic Strenght stacks. Here are the steps on how to use his skills. First, use his ult followed by Tornado Blade. Then go for Glorious Sword and just keep on swinging that sword. Enemies will fly everywhere :).

Heroes Evolved Cao Cao Build Guide

The following build guide increases his armor, movement speed and attack speed. Hope you will find it very useful. Have fun and enjoy the game.

  • Guardian Boots – Increases Cao Cao’s armor and movement speed. Also, block damage from enemy heroes.
  • Steely Strength – Gives 90 armor and 30% dodge chance. On each received attack, the enemy’s movement speed and attack speed will be reduced.
  • Radiant Emperor – Radiance will scorch nearby enemies. Great item for a tank.
  • Ignios Blade – Every time Cao Cao attacks an enemy, he will burn 60 mana. Also, increase his movement speed and reduces enemy’s movement speed when activated.
  • Pharaoh’s Shroud – When passive, it will reduce enemy’s attack speed. When active, Cao Cao goes in a state, where he can’t move, but can absorb 2k dmg. Now he is a perfect tank. Here is what I think. You are on the battlefield, fighting 5vs5. Cao Cao goes in the middle, activates Pharaoh’s Shroud and all enemies will focus him, while he absorbs a huge amount of dmg. The rest of his allies will take advantage and get their job done. Simple, right?
  • Hell Thorn – Reduces target’s armor, which makes it a perfect late game item.

cao cao build guide

You now have the best build guide for Cao Cao.

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