Diablo Patch 2.5.0 Brings New Features

Diablo is getting a new update 2.5.0 soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have the official release date of patch 2.5.0, so subscribe to us and be the first to get this info. Keep on reading and find out what this patch has to offer.

The latest Diablo patch 2.5.0 brings some new features and few gameplay changes. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the newest features. How about you?

diablo patch 2.5.0

Diablo Patch 2.5.0 With A New Feature “The Armory”

This new feature allows the players of Diablo to have up to 5 full, completed character builds on every character. You can also change between set items, gems, runes and skills with just a click. The items which you will equip via The Armory can be swapped automatically into your stash or inventory. The same goes for the Gems. In addition, your selected skills, rune and Cube power will be updated in your skill bar.

The Armory can’t store any Paragon points, so you have to do this yourself. There will be a new hotkey by holding CRTL and click to spend 100 points.

Diablo Update 2.5.0 Makes Crafting Easier

Now, all crafting materials are in a separate UI tab. All materials will be moved into Crafting Materials tab after the launch of the upcoming patch. When you use crafting materials at Kanai’s Cube, there will be a new Fill button that can transfer all items into the cube.

With Patch 2.5.0 You Can Get The Perfect Set Of Gear

There will be another new feature called Primal Ancients. Here you can get a new tier of rare Ancient items and make your perfect gear.Now with every Primary, Secondary and Legendary affix is with perfect value. They will go with the main stats. For example, the Barbarian and Crusader will get strength, Demon Hunter and Monk will get Dexterity and Witch Doctor and Wizard will get intelligence. Also, they will also be with an ideal number of sockets for a specific item.

Primal Ancients can drop from Horadric Caches, Kanai’s Cube and Kadala. But have in mind that this is only an option for Lvl 70 Greater Rift.

As I have already mentioned above, I don’t have the official release date for patch 2.5.0. What I know so far is that we can expect it at the end of March. Until then, subscribe to us and get the latest gaming news.

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