Fallout 4: High Resolution Textures Are Now Available

Fallout 4 has just received high-resolution textures within an update, which also fixes some other issues.

This high-resolution textures pack can be downloaded as an update. However, a lot of players discuss is it worth? Is it worth do download a size of 55gb and fill up your Hard Disk for just a High-Resolution Texture Pack?

Fallout 4 High Resolution Textures Pack

Well, first of all, we are speaking about Fallout 4 and Bethesda. Knowing their franchises, they always aim to bring a nice look of the game. While a lot of players are begging for a better optimization, they have a new option to deal with.

However, the textures should look nice. Even though the size is really big, the game should look a lot more beautiful, even though for some people the changes won’t be noticeable so they will think everything is as before. Actually, it isn’t.

Players did know about the face issues and thankfully, now they’re fixed. Face tinting for player, spouse, Shaun and Father are fixed. They’ve fixed tint of water in the Institute too, together with the missing textures issues.

Every issue should be gone and working like a charm. However, if you’re still experiencing the dark face bug, try to delete the face texture files on your own, start the game, save, exit the game and then reinstall the face textures. This should get rid of your Fallout 4 dark face issues.

Do not forget to tell us what you think in the comments down below. Hopefully, everything is going to work just like it should.

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