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Guan Yu Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

Guan Yu is a melee hero with high offense rate in Heroes Evolved the mobile game. In order to be a PRO in the game, I have made a gear set guide. The following items will definitely bring you an MVP title. But first, let’s see how to use his abilities.

This hero is with 4 skills, 1 passive and three casters. His passive skill is Art of Warfare. This ability grants him a dodge chance and when he cast a spell, his next attack will deal critical. One of his casters is Double Blow. He summons 2 illusions that deal dmg. His next caster is Unstoppable Force. He jumps in a specific area and deals dmg to all nearby enemies. His ult is Crescent Blade. Guan Yu surrounds himself with a dragon tornado making him immune to magic. At the same time he deals physical dmg to enemies. So here is the best way to use his skills. First, use his Unstoppable Force skill, then Double Blow and ult for last. In this order, the target will never know what hit him 🙂

guan yu build guide

Guan Yu Build Guide And How To Be A Pro In Heroes Evolved

I now have the best gear set for Guan Yu. The following gear build is based on physical attack, and all items are part of the physical attack item group. Purchase them is this specific order:

  • Guardian Boots – Increases his movement speed and armor. Also, Guan Yu can block 20 dmg for range and 40 dmg for melee heroes.
  • Golden Staff – Guan Yu gets +81 dmg and +10 attack speed. Perfect item for him that can be used as a power item.
  • Demonic Mask – It increases his dmg, attack speed, HP and gives an extra 10 pts to all attributes. At the same time, Guan Yu gets an extra 20% lifesteal.
  • Shattering Spike – It deals pure dmg to enemies and adds +75 dmg.
  • Executioner – Gives 12% lifesteal and grants +4 dmg for the last hit of an enemy unit. It can stack up to 10 times.
  • Mace Of The Apocalypse – Guan Yu gets a 25% chance to stun an enemy with a striking blow. It also deals magic dmg equal to 150 + 10% of targets HP if active.

You now have the best build guide for Guan Yu. If you have any other gear sets, please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Ok well have no real exp. with this hero yet but have played most others…but newho why not have the +100dmg crit staff n there? Yes he doesn’t need the 20% chance to crit it gives most of time but the I think 200%crit dmg it gives would make em hit like a truck…

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