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Heroes Evolved Crystal Build Guide

Crystal is a Mage hero in Heroes Evolved, with powerful abilities and magic power. Her power comes from the ice, so let’s make a powerful build guide to “froze” the enemies.

She is a ranged hero in the game, using 4 abilities to destroy the enemies. Crystal is with 4 caster spells, 1 buff, and 3 magic. Her buff skill is Ice Shield. Crystal casts a shield to protect her and allies from spells. All enemies within the shield will receive magic damage. Frost Circle is one of her magic abilities. She deals magic damage and reduces target’s attack speed and movement speed. Her next caster is Ice Lance. If the target is under Freeze effect, takes extra magic dmg.

crystal build guide

Raging Blizzard is Crystal’s ult. She creates a blizzard that lasts for 6 seconds. At the same time, the blizzard deals magic damage and slows enemy’s attack and movement speed. When in battle, use shield first (buff ability), then ult followed by Ice Lance and Frost Circle for last. In this order, multiple enemies will be under frost effect, which makes them an easier target.

Crystal Build Guide

I have a gear set of 6 items that will definitely make you enjoy playing Crystal. Don’t forget, you can always post a build guide in the comments below. Have fun!

  • Boots of Inspiration – Reduces abilities cd by 10%. Also, increases her movement speed and spell power.
  • Wand of Celerity – Grants 100% mana regeneration, abilities cd by 20% and extra movement speed.
  • Arcane Orb – Great item for team play. This item gives an aura that reduces spell resist for all enemies in 800 AoE.
  • Devil’s Urn – Crystal curses the enemies with her magic abilities. The target will then receive 3% of his max HP as magical damage.
  • Frozen Scepter – Activate to freeze an enemy.
  • Mace of Judgement – A Crushing Thunder will appear after each ability, followed by 125% for her next basic attack.

crystal build guide

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