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Heroes Evolved Lu Bu Build Guide

Lu Bu might be the strongest hero in Heroes Evolved. He is a melee fighter, with extremely high physical damage and HP. Lu Bu is not a hard hero to play with, but with the wrong build guide, he is just like any other ganker. Therefore I have made a guide on how to use him in battle and what items can bring you an MVP title.

This melee hero uses 4 abilities to eliminate heroes, 1 passive and 3 casters. His passive is Perversity. Lu Bu gets Tearing effect and deals magic dmg. One of his casters is Whirling Charge. He charges to a target and deals physical damage. Bloody Whirl is his next ability. Lu Bu slows the enemies in 500 AoE and deals physical damage.

lu bu build guide

Peerless is Lu Bu’s ult. Deals massive physical damage to a target. Also, he deals an extra damage based on the difference between target’s strength and his. His abilities are now hard to master and you don’t need any special guide. But, here is my way of using Lu Bu in a battle. First, I use Bloody Whirl, then his ult and charge for last. You will definitely make a triple kill. Good luck.

Lu Bu Build Guide

In order to be an MVP, you have to get items that increase his physical damage and abilities cd. I have tried different builds, but this works perfectly for me.

  • Executioner – Abilities cd is reduced by 20% and adds 12% lifesteal.
  • Boots of War – Increases his damage and attack speed.
  • Demonic Mask – Gives extra 20% lifesteal, increases Lu Bu’s movement speed and reduces enemy’s movement speed.
  • Bicolor Twin Swords – Gets 30% chance to slow enemy’s attack speed and movement speed.
  • Godly Cannon – Increases critical strike chance and damage.
  • Emperor’s Armor – A great late game item.Increases his attack speed and armor and decreases enemy’s armor.

lu bu build guide

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  1. Hi Dexter!

    Thank you for the guide for Lu Bu. May i ask regarding LuBu’s item build. Are they arranged as (first build must be EXECUTIONER. Second buid will be BOOTS OF WAR) Is it like that?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, that’s the way you should arrange the items on your character.

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