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Jaina Talents Guide – Hard Carry

It was time to go back to Heroes of the Storm and start deploying builds for all of the remaining heroes in the game. Well, I think that Jaina can pretty much carry a game on her own. I honestly think that the following talents are probably the best talents you can get when playing Jaina. This Jaina Talents Build is the most appropriate if you perform to play Jaina as a carry.

Being a Ranged Assassin Jaina needs is a bit more range on her spells and a bit more damage. Because of that, we choose the following talents. Also, if you have a bit more CC in your team’s pick, than, I am pretty sure that you’ll do just fine. Now, let’s see the talents below.

Jaina Talents Guide

Jaina’s Best Talents For a Carry Role

Jaina is one of the best carries in the game. She can nuke, pretty good, slow down enemies, chill them and sometimes she can also root the enemies (if you pick the Numbing Blast talent). But, we are not aiming for that talent at all. Enough intro, let’s jump towards the talents.

Level 1 – Winter’s Reach

Now, the reason we picked this talent is because Jaina can easily kill enemies that are on their almost successful escape. By picking up the Winter’s Reach talent, you can sometimes prevent that to happen. This talent will boost your Frostbolt range for 30% more.

Jaina - Winter's Reach

Level 4 – Frost Armor

Most of the time, the enemy team focus Jaina because she’s a bit squishy. This is why you’re getting the armor talent before everything else. I mean, getting that extra armor might sometimes help you a lot. Also, surviving throughout a fight while being focused will pretty much make the enemy team suicide. Your teammates are going to finish the job very successfully. That’s why we picked the Frost Armor talent.

Jaina Frost Armor Talent

Enemies that attack Jaina are being Chilled. That’s another cool thing about this talent.

Level 7 – Frostbitten

There’s no point to go for anything else except for Frostbitten. Getting that extra damage is always useful. By getting Frostbitten, you will deal 15% more Frostbite damage.

Jaina - Frostbitten

There’s nothing more to explain around this, it’s pretty simple. Just make sure you understand the Frostbite passive she has.

Level 10 – Ring of Frost

Now, I honestly think that people should not be taking anything else except the Ring of Frost heroic ability. Getting this Heroic is a lot better as it can root enemies and also deal damage, which later in the game can trigger twice by getting the right talent.

Jaina ring of frost

This will give you also some CC empower and your team might use it really nice. Knowing the fact that there will be another Crowd Control and Damage character, you can easily chain something out.

Level 13 – Storm Front

I love getting Storm Front. Having a 100% increase our Blizzard ability feels really nice. This is the time where you are even safer than before. You do not need to come close to initiate on people.

Jaina's Storm Front

That’s why I do not prefer to go for anything else except Storm Front at this point.

Level 16 – Snowstorm

This is probably the trickiest part where you should decide according the gameplay outcome. If you dominate with using your Crowd Control abilities in the team then, getting Snowstorm is pretty good. Having that increased Radius is almost always nice.

Jaina's Snowstorm Talent

However, if you need a bit more damage you can get Northern Exposure. But, If you need a bit more CC you can also get Numbing blast. These two talents are related to the Cone of Cold ability Jaina has. That’s it, your choice around this one even if we prefer to go with the Snowstorm.

Level 20 – Cold Snap

Having the Ring of frost ultimate, there’s no point to go for anything else except the Cold Snap talent. This will give us the power of the heroic to hit twice, right after the first ring expires. It’s a bit of a delay, but if you get Numbing Blast on your 16th level, you can chain it better. However, that’s going to be really hard.

Jaina's Cold Snap Talent

That’s it, we honestly think that these talents are probably the best one to go for when playing Jaina in Heroes of the Storm. Being an assassin, these talents suit her the best. However, sometimes you might be pushed to get something else. Otherwise, go for these, I can assure you that you’ll deal a lot of damage and carry the game.

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