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Karina Build Guide Mobile Legends

Karina is part of the Assasin class in Mobile Legends. Some MLBB players are using her as a Mage, but some, including me as Assasin.

For this reason I have an item build for her that will blow your mind. Using the following gear, Karina gets high physical attack dmg and destroys everything in her way.

karina build guide

She is a night elf, trained assassin and very offensive hero. I guess some of you have played with her and thought she is hard to play.

Well, she is not hard to play at all and here is why.

Karina Build Guide With High DMG And Attack Speed

The following equipment makes her unbeatable.

Just get these items and you have the best build for Karina:

  • Berserker’s Fury – Increases her physical attack and critical chance rate. A great starter item that helps you make in-game cash
  • Swift Boots – Gives additional points to her attack speed as well as to Karina’s movement speed
  • Endless Battle – Adds physical attack, magic power, HP, movement speed, lifesteal and mana. This item increases her basic attack for 70% for 2 seconds. Also, increases her movement speed by 15%. Only these 3 items are enough for Karina. Trust me!
  • Windtalker – After her fifth attack, the next one is followed by 125 magic dmg to 3 targets. Also, increase Karina’s movement speed
  • Scarlet Phantom – Each critical strike increases her attack speed. Basically, if Karina crits twice, the target is eliminated in 2 secs
  • Blade of Despair – The last item. This is a great item for late game. Why? Well, you have now played for 20 mins and the enemies are with higher rates. This item will definitely help you to get an MVP! Good luck.

So far, so good!


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