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Lilith Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

Lilith is a melee ganker in Heroes Evolved with high attack rate and durability. The following item build and how to use her skills guide will lead you to incredible winning streaks in the game.

Before I start with the gear set, I would like to make a guide on how to use Lilith abilities. She is with 4 skills, 1 passive and 3 casters. Her passive skill is Protective Globe. This ability grants her a Protective Globe that deals magic dmg to all nearby enemies, everytime she loses 400 HP. One of her casters is Fired Blades. Her blades get flames that deals dmg to a target. At the same time, the target’s movement speed is reduced. If the HP of a specific target is higher than Lilith’s it gets stunned.

lilith build guide

Lillith’s next caster is Fiery Rush. She charges to a target and deals dmg. What I find very interesting is if the target is eliminated with this spell, Lilith gets back 70% mana for this ability. Ult time! Exploding Bloom! A Blazing Lotus with flames that deals dmg to enemies around her. Also, it heals Lilith the amount equal with the dealt dmg. Here is the best way to use her abilities. Use Fiery Rush first, then go for Fired Blades and Keep her ult for last. In this order Lilith’s HP will stay the same. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go for the enemies 🙂

Lilith Build Guide That Will Make You An MVP

The following gear set will definitely make you unbeatable in the game. Here is the best item build for Lilith:

  • Holy Speed Boots – Increases her movement speed +90 pts.
  • Hell Thorn – Adds 60 dmg and reduces the enemies armor by 30.
  • Crystal Shield – Grants additional HP, mana and spell resist. It also blocks 40 dmg from range and 80 dmg from melee heroes.
  • Bicolor Twin Swords – Slows the target’s attack speed and movement speed. At the same time it increases Lilith’s movement speed by 12%.
  • Demonic Cowl – Increases her str, armor and regens her HP +10. Also, adds 25% lifesteal. When active, increases lifesteal for 125% for 3 secs.
  • Ignios Blade – Adds +20 agility, 36 attacks and 35 attack speed. Burns targets mana, deals magic dmg and reduces enemy’s movement speed.

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