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Mobile Legends Mustang Johnson Build Guide And How To Use His Skills

This is getting better and better! MLBB has announced a new hero, called Mustang Johnson. He is a very powerful tank, that can absorb a lot of damage. For now, I will make a short item build and how to use his skills article. When the hero will officially join Mobile Legends, I will make sure to have the best build guide! Until then, don’t forget to subscribe and get the best MLBB gear sets.

Mustang Johnson is the newest hero in Mobile Legends. He is a powerful tank, with high durability. His specialty is to engage and crowd control. As the rest of heroes, Mustang Johnson is with 4 skills, 1 passive and 3 casters. Below you can find a short build guide and how to use his abilities.

mustang johnson build guide

Mustang Johnson How To Use His Abilities

His passive skill is Electro-airbag. When Mustang Johnson’s HP drops, he gets an electricity shield to keep him safe from taking additional damage. The first caster is Iron Sack. This skill increases his basic attack damage and reduces target’s speed at the same time. In addition, the enemy will be stunned. His next caster is Missile Tackle. He launches three missiles, deals magic dmg and slows enemies.

Rapid Touchdown is his ult. He transforms into a muscle car, gets an ally with him and launches towards a target. Also, you can use his ult to help your teammates by stunning the enemies. Or if you are on low HP, you can escape and survive. Here is the best way to play with him. Use Iron Sack first, then the Missile Tackle and ult for last. The enemies will be eliminated in 4-5 secs.

Mustang Johnson Item Build

Mustang Johnson is now available in the game. I have tried it with few items, but these are the ones that fit him the best. Below you can find the best build guide for Mustang Johnson. Check out the update below.

As promised, I now have a good build guide. Here are the items for Mustang Johnson:

  • Crazed Reaper – This item increases Mustang’s physical attack, HP and attack speed. Each attack increases his movement speed and lowers enemy’s armor.
  • Warrior Boots – Increases his armor and adds 40 pts to his movement speed. Great item that also increases Johnson’s defense.
  • Guardian Relic – Adds +90 magic power. This item goes well with his Iron Sack and ult.
  • Oracle – Increase HP, HP regeneration and magic resistance. In addition, every time he loses HP, after 4 seconds he will regen 4% HP.
  • Endless Blade – Attack item that increases his HP, movement speed and mana. Also, adds 70% true dmg and gets 15% additional movement speed.
  • Dominance Ice – Great item for a team play. It lowers the movement speed and attack speed on all nearby enemies.


Due to a recent Ranked Match, I’ve discovered better items for Johnson. The following items make him a really good tank. Here is the new build guide.

  • Cursed Helmet
  • Demon’s Advent
  • Warrior Boots
  • Blade Armor
  • Bloodthirsty King
  • Heart of Steel

These are the items I recommend for Mustang Johnson. I honestly hope that this guide will help you get an MVP. If you have another build guide, please let me know in the comments below and I will try it.

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  1. I just bought him. The build I have absorbs some serious damage. With all 5 enemies attacking me alone all 4 of my teammates were able to escape

  2. U just build armor and thats it no other build is good.. when Shild is activate then u use the health spell witch cannot be interrupted by anything cause of the shield and u absorb all dmg and u full hp again. Thank you

  3. Why I cant use Johnson even though I already bought it. It doesn’t appear on hero’s option during Match and Rank Battle. Please help

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