Payday 2 Update 134.1 Brings New Weapon Fixes

Speaking of Payday 2, the game a lot of people loves playing it while also enjoying, now receives a new update. Payday 2 Update 134.1 should bring a bigger balance and enjoyment to the game.

The update size comes at 147 MB and it has been a pain downloading it. Do not know if this mistake is because of the bandwidth issues, but it seems like it’s still there.

Payday 2 Update 134.1

Let’s see the changes now. Players will no longer need to crouch in order to interact with some crates. This is already fixed and left behind offering the players a lot smoother gameplay.

Levels: The value of the prototype loot in Beneath the Mountain is changed. This update also brings weapon changes, which involves the AK17, Russian weapons, being not able to shoot while carrying a bag…

Well, the visual issue with the AK17 magazine size is changed and no longer persistent. Also, players are not longer going to experience the issue where not being able to shoot while carrying a bag.

The missing mods to the new Russian weapons are finally added and the concealment of the suppressor for the Grom Sniper is changed. The recoil animation on the Grom Sniper is also changed.

The AK17 rifle ammo pickup is adjusted together with the ammo pickup for the Grom Sniper.

Tell us what do you think about this Payday 2 update. Good or bad? Judging the feedback, it feels like it’s mixed until now. However, players should enjoy playing the game over this weekend.

Angel Kicevski

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