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Pengwing Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

Now it’s time for a perfect Pengwing build guide. Also, I will make a guide on how to use his skills and abilities. I really hope this will help you a lot to get an MVP title in every match.

Pengwing is a ranged hero in Heroes Evolved with powerful skills. Like every hero in the game, he is with 4 skills, 1 passive and 3 casters. His passive skill is Laser Focus. Pengwing charges a laser cannon on every 5 seconds. When he hits a target, it will take extra dmg and will also slow target’s movement speed.

pengwing build guide

Pengwing’s next caster is Focused Fire. He launches 4 missiles in a specific area, dealing physical dmg and slowing their movement speed. With his Belly Slide, he blinks in a specific area, leaving bombs behind him. These bombs deal magic dmg to enemies.

Destruction is his ult. Casting the spell will knock the target back dealing physical dmg at the same time. So, here is the best way how to use his skills. First, use Belly Slide. Then try to go behind the enemy and push him with Destruction into the bombs. If the target is still “breathing” use the missiles. You are all set now.

The Following Pengwing Build Guide Will Bring You An MVP Title

I have tried so many gear sets, but I think this one is the best. Here is the best build guide:

  • Boots of War – Increases Pengwing’s damage, attack speed, and movement speed.
  • Shattering Spike – Adds 75 damage and transfers 40% of the attacks and physical abilities as a pure damage.
  • Golden Staff – Increases his attack speed. The target will also receive 4% of max HP as magic damage.
  • Mace of the Apocolypse – Increases spell resist and grant 10% chance for a striking blow. When active, Pengwing deals magic dmg equal to 150 + 10% of the target’s max HP.
  • Demonic Mask – Gives 20% lifesteal, increase Pengwing’s movement speed and reduces target’s movement speed.
  • Bicolor Twin Swords – Slows enemy’s attack speed and movement speed.

You now have the best build guide for Pengwing. Good luck and have fun.

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  1. Hey, this build is AWESOME! Tanks and anyone at all can’t resist him. Maybe it’s little bit solo, but i can definitely reccomend it. 🙂

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