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Robocraft Brawl Update

Robocraft Update 0.13.2057 Patch Notes

Robocraft update 0.13.2057 is now active in-game. This new patch fixes some bugs, removes level-lock on game modes, reduces the Rail scope zoom and add voiceovers.

The update takes place on their birthday, so happy birthday Robocraft!

robocraft update 0.13.2057

There are few changes in the game. Also, there is a known issue that soon will be fixed. So here are the most important changes:

  • The size of the “Contesting” text is increased
  • You can now see the game hints in AI Mode
  • The clan sizes numbers will now show the correct size
  • Two parties can now compete with single players
  • The level-lock is no longer active. You can now play all modes
  • MMR for victory is 1
  • Rail scope zoom reduced by 25%
  • Username on the login screen is now up to 32 characters
  • Voiceovers are now available

All Robocraft players are looking forward to logging in and play the game.

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