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Solus Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

I have tried many builds for Solus, but there is only one build guide that goes the best for him. Before the gear set, I would like to help you on how to use Solus skills in battle.

Solus is a ranged hero in Heroes Evolved, with high physical damage and some great abilities. He is with 4 skills, 1 passive and three casters. Solus’s passive skill is Burning Arrow. His arrow gets a buff on every fifth attack. Cloud Piercer is one of his casters. Solus launches an arrow in a specific direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in its path. It also slows their movement speed. Solar Sprint is the next caster. A great skill to chase enemies or escape when low HP.

solus build guide

His ult is Falling Suns. Solus summons 9 suns, falling in a specific area and dealing damage. Only the first sun will deal full dmg, while the rest only half. I find this the best way to use his skills. Use Solar Sprint to get closer to the enemies, use his ult and wait for a magic to happen. If an enemy tries to escape, jump next to it and do the rest.

Solus Build Guide With Great Battle Results

As all heroes, Solus needs 6 items in order to be complete as a fighter. The following build guide increases his attack speed, damage and critical strike chance. Here is the best gear set for Solus:

  • Boots of War – Increases Solus’s damage and attack speed. Also, he gets +80 movement speed.
  • Bicolor Twin Swords – Reduces enemy’s movement speed and attack speed.
  • Death God’s Claw – 30% damage from Solus’s attacks and physical skills will transfer as pure damage. In addition, it reduces abilities cd.
  • Jade Monarch – Dodge chance is increased by 35%. Great item for a fighter in a battle.
  • Hell Thorn – Reduces enemy’s armor. Perfect item for late game.
  • Godly Cannon – Adds +100 damage and increases Solus’s critical strike chance to 250%.

solus build guide

Now you have a perfect fighter. Good luck and have fun.

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