The Division: Time to Get The Lightweight M4 Blueprint

On Friday the blueprints got reset, meaning a lot of new items have joined the rotation and a lot of them also removed. Well, it’s time to speak about the Lightweight M4 blueprint. It’s one of the best Assault Rifle Guns in the game. Agent, this is your chance to start dominating.

All that being said, this week’s winner vendor’s item would be the Lightweight M4 Blueprint which can be found in the Terminal at the Special Blueprint Vendor. Guys, this is your chance to craft one of the best weapons in the game and get a perfect role of talents and DAMAGE.

lightweight m4 blueprint

Speaking about the Lightweight M4, we are using it in a lot of builds. Most importantly, we are using it in our Striker’s Gear Set Build which is receiving updates. We aim to use a Lightweight M4 just because of its recoil. It’s not that bad to hold it steady, not even comparable to the LVOA-C or Bullfrog. Only the G36 C it’s easier to control but the RPM is lower than the M4.

So, this is a win-win situation for all Division players. Honestly, no one could’ve supposed that this is going to happen. Ubisoft haven’t been this grateful for a longer period of time :). It is maybe because of the Division First Anniversary? Who knows…

Speaking about blueprints, a Surplus SVD blueprint can be also found at the Special Blueprint Vendor in the Terminal. It’s a god’s offer guys. Thanks to Ubisoft for making this happen as we just have the best Assault Rifle weapon (if you ask me) to complete our builds.

Oh, if you hate the Lightweight M4 and prefer to go with the LVOA-C, do not worry. There is a decent LVOA-C at the Weapons Vendor in the Wolves Den Safe House which I do not prefer to use. It has Fierce, Unforgiving and Destructive and it might be a good weapon while playing PVE. However, we do not think it’s that good.

LVOA-C @ Wolves Den

Yes, It’s decent, but as I said before, not that good if you want to dominate. That will be it, can’t wait for the next week’s rotations! Tell us what you think about this in the comments down below. Post us your God Roll Lightweight M4, it will be more than fun to see it. Also, If I find something more cool around the Vendors, I will post it for sure. For now, Agent out.

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