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warhammer bretonnia patch

Total War: WARHAMMER Bretonnia Patch

Total War: WARHAMMER Bretonnia Patch is now active on Steam. So, let’s begin with the wild hunt.

Bretonnia patch resets multiplayer leaderboards, fixes some bugs and brings balancing changes. Keep on reading and find out more about the patch notes.

warhammer bretonnia patch

WARHAMMER Bretonnia Patch Notes

Here are the major changes in Total War: WARHAMMER with the Bretonnia patch:

  • Multiplayer leaderboards are now reset.
  • Hack or drop will result with 5% score penalty.
  • You can now save the game without any issues.
  • Farming and Industry bonus is now applied correctly.
  • The Guardians will now give missile resistance.
  • You will no longer get chivalry when torturing people in a Quest.
  • Questing Knights reduced -8 charge bonus
  • Foot Squers reduced to -10 leadership and -6 charge bonus
  • Men at Arms +25 cost
  • Helman Ghorsts’s Vanhel Danse Macabre – 1 power cost
  • Strigoi’s Soulblight gets +1 power cost.

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