Unturned Patch Brings New Improvements & Fixes

Unturned Lovers? Are you finally satisfied for this happening? The new Unturned Patch will bring some fixes to live including the improvement that comes along with it.

There will be some additions with this patch regarding the workshop item display to the main menu news. Level objects can now be spawned and modified in the devkit.

Unturned Patch

Because of this, there is a new object upgrade wizard in order to convert old objects to work in the devkit together with the Use_Legacy_Objects option. There’s also a new and upgraded visibility groups options to the devkit.

Speaking of improvements, the skin acceptor tool, images in news (expand/contract) when clicked and the RAM usage are improved.

BattleEye has been updated.

Now, this is probably the best for the players because the Bug Fixes are now live.

Timing related duplication bug is fixed with a few item types and you will no more get stuck in corner of windmill. Closing doors into vehicles are fixed and the formatted secondary skin outputs too.

Do not forget that you are able to convert your old objects to work with the devkit tools. To do that, you need to use the upgrade wizard and set the Use_Legacy_objects to false. This should be done in the map config.

Unturned Devkit

Devs also noted that before doing that, it might be a good option to make a backup first. This will keep you from losing anything. What do you think about the Unturned Patch Tell us in the comments down below.

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