Warframe Prime Access Program Is Now Available

For the first time in Warframe history, the players can experience a new, Prime Access Program. Only the PC players can get the newest bundles through Steam. Below I have info about the latest Prime Access and what it means.

This is a rotating program with Prime Warframes and Prime Gear. The players don’t need any build time, as they have an instant access to Prime Warframes and Prime Gear. There is also a new feature called Banshee Prime Access. This grants you a Banshee Prime, Helios Prime, Euphona Prime and customization. Don’t forget, you can also craft them from Relics.

warframe prime access

In addition, there are three bundles. Sound Quake, Silence and Sonar Bundle. The Sound Quake bundle includes 3990 Platinum, Banshee Prime Warfarme and Prime Glyphs, Helios and Euphona Prime and Prime Accessories Pack. The Silence bundle includes 2625 Platinum, Banshee Prime, Glyphs, Helios and Euphona Prime. Sonar bundle is with 1050 Platinum, Helios and Euphona Prime.

I have mentioned a Prime Accessories Pack above. This pack includes a Capella Prime Syandana, Ictus Prime Accesories, 90-day credit and affinity booster.

Unfortunately, there is something that bothers me. Players for Europe are paying 50 euros and Russian players 33 euros for the same bundle. Something is fishy here. I hope the devs will notice this and try to fix it. If you want to download the bundles, just click on the link.

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