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Zhao Yun Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

Zhao Yun is a melee hero in Heroes Evolved, with high attack speed and damage. A warrior which can get you an MVP title with the best build guide. Below you can find how to use his spells guide and guide for Zhao Yun’s gear.

He is a fast hero, with high physical attack and speed. Zhao Yun uses 4 skills to be even greater. His passive skill is Dragon’s Courage. This spell allows him to dodge attacks and enemy’s abilities. His next passive skill is Dragon’s Spirit. Every third attack on an enemy will deal extra physical damage. Also, the enemy can be stunned. One of Zhao Yun’s casters is Rush. He can charge to an enemy, dealing physical dmg and slowing their movement.

zhao yun build guide

Invincible is Zhao Yun’s ult. This spell increases his movement speed and makes him immune. Here is how to play with him in battle. Use ult first, wait for the passive skills to kick in. If the target tries to escape, use his Rush spell. You are all set now.

Heroes Evolved Zhao Yun Build Guide

The following gear set increases Zhao Yun’s movement speed and attack speed. Here is the best build guide for him:

  • Dancer’s Boots – Regenerates Zhao Yun’s HP and mana. Also, increases the movement speed of his allies. Fast as a lightning bolt!
  • Jade Monarch – Increase dodge chance by 35%.
  • Godly Cannon – Getting this item will increase the critical strike chance. And trust me, you will need it a lot.
  • Bicolor Twin Swords – Increases his movement speed and slows enemies attack and movement speed.
  • Radiant Emperor – Radiance at it’s finest.
  • H*** Thorn – Adds 60 dmg, reduces abilities cd and reduces enemy’s armor.

zhao yun build guide

Now the “Dragon” is ready for a battle. Don’t forget to subscribe and get the best build guides.

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