Battlerite Patch Brings Champions Updates & Fixes

In five and a half hours from now, Battlerite will receive a new update. This Battlerite Patch will bring new champion updates and fixes.

Also, this patch will update the Battlerite’s Privacy Policy. With this policy, Battlerite has implemented a new opt-in option for receiving a Battlerite e-mail newsletter. So, if you’re up for that, now you can opt-in to receive a newsletter.

Battlerite patch

You can preview the updated Privacy Policy on the following link:

Now, let’s talk about the player’s favorite part, the Champion updates. In patch, players will receive an improved stealth mechanics in Battlerite. Being a pain to play against, and also frustrating, now the stealth power will be nerfed down in terms of strength.

So, changing the constant movement speed increase of the targets in stealth into a fading haste makes the stealthy champions able to dodge incoming damage immediately, leaving the same as before, but, now requres them to be more decisive on where to go for a potential follow-up.

By having this change, the overall area threatened by stealth is reduced and makes the counterplay at the moment of stealth more valuable. This is not the end as the devs will continue to look up on this Battlerite mechanism more in the future.

In this patch, most melee champions will move faster while using their primary attacks, tweaked with some damage adjustments which is going to help them deal more damage when they catch up to ranged champions.

A few other champions will also get a fix in terms of balance.

For more detailed info on what exactly is changed, visit the following link:


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