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Chromie Build Guide – Rewind

Don’t you just love Chromie? I mean, her nuke abilities are awesome! Playing Chromie is a lot of fun. Heroes of the Storm is just a game that keeps you put. This Chromie Build guide is not going to be focusing AOE damage, because I do not believe Chromie is good at that.

You cannot end a day without winning a match, at least the last one. Same happens with Chromie, cannot leave the game until you dominate by far.

This will be more about bursting one target and deal the highest single target damage you can.

Chromie Build Guide

Chromie Build Guide – Talents

This is where the talents guide actually begins. In this guide, we’ll talk about the playstyle too. As we said above, we will aim to bring down 1 enemy instantly dead, as soon as we get our heroic talent ready.

1 Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

2 Piercing Sands

Piercing Sands

5 Dragon's Eye

Chrono Sickness

8 Temporal Loop

Temporal Sickness

11 Bye Bye

Bye Bye

14 Fast Forward

Fast Forward

18 Past and Future Me

Past and Future Me

As you can see the table above, our choice is to go with the W build. But, later in the game we’ll choose to empower Sand Blast a bit. After all, she can deal a good amount of damage to more heroes. Piercing Sands will give us the chance to hit 2 enemies which means it will pierce the first target.

Dragon’s Eye is working really good with your heroic Temporal Loop, but your timing is crucial. You need to know when to pop the Dragon’s Breath so you can get the full damage. This will be combined with Sand Blast and that’s pretty much a kill for Chromie.

Surviving the Fights

At level 11, we go for the Bye Bye talent because it saves Chromie’s life. As soon as you see your team failing, make sure you keep distance and pop your Hearthstone. I find this talent really useful because it TP’s Chromie back to safe really really fast. This might annoy the enemies too. It’s one of the best talents. If you’re more dedicated for a fight, then feel free to choose some other talent.

Burst Enemies Down

Now, by using your heroic, you can pretty much burst an enemy. But in a group fight, things might get really bad. The players might start focusing you because of your insane damage output. Because of that, you must hold distance and spam your spells. Knowing the fact that Dragon’s Breath cooldown is a lot bigger than Sand Blast, you must not fail at hitting the Dragon’s Breath at all.

However, we got this covered. By picking the Fast Forward talent you can reduce the cooldown of Sand Blast. This comes really good with the talent at Level 18, Past and Future me. Sand Blast will be able to hit 4 targets, thanks to the Piercing Sands. Also, the Long Range Sand Blast somehow equals to the cast distance of Dragon’s Breath thanks to the Fast Forward talent.

As you can see, every single talent is somehow connected to each other, except the Bye Bye talent which is there to save Chromie’s life.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I honestly hope you’ll love it. Oh, 1 more thing before we finish… Make sure you use Time Trap. By use, I mean use it really good, because if the enemy team has an Invisible character, he will focus Chromie for sure.

I hope you’ll love this guide and start dominating with Chromie. He will become your favorite hero in the game, for sure. Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below, we’ll be more than happy to see them!

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