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Crossout Update 0.3.18

Crossout Update 0.3.18 Adds Ranked Battles

The new Crossout update 0.3.18 is probably the best one so far, noting that players that owns an armored vehicle can now compete for the deadliest title raider. Everyone just loves this!

In order players to participate in ranked battles and dominate their way through, they’ll need at least reputation of level 10 with Engineers and armored vehicle of at least 3000 PS.

Crossout Update 0.3.18

The Ranked battles will be 4v4 where each player will get assigned rank (1500 as initial value). It’s pretty simple, if player’s team wins the ratings increases, and it goes down if they lose the game.

However, the fun part is that at the end of each week, rating is rounded to a fixed value of player’s skill level:

  • 2200
  • 2000
  • 1800
  • 1600
  • 1400
  • 1200
  • 1000 — below this number, the player loses 10 points instead of 25 after each defeat.
  • 800 — below this number, the player does not lose rating after defeats.

Now you can start enjoying this game mode and play hard to win the games. Getting a new game mode is always good, especially if we’re talking about a ranked one.

This Crossout update it’s not just about the new game mode, but it is about other fixes too.

There are also Balance changes around Structure, damage and Accuracy.

For more additional information, please visit the following link:


We’ve been following Crossout and we can say that they really aim to bring the best for their players. As we said above this could be one of the best patches they’ve ever done.

Tell us your thoughts about this Crossout update 0.3.18 in the comments down below. Good or bad?



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