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Dead by Daylight Patch 1.5.0 Adds Controller Support

Dead by Daylight just got a new patch 1.5.0. There are a lot of changes with this update, so keep on reading and get the full patch notes below.

Patch 1.5.0 brings a lot of changes in the game, bug fixes and improvements to the gameplay balance. There are a lot of changes, so, for now, I will just focus on the most important ones.

There is a controller support now, new info Status Effect in HUD and new Bloodlust Mechanic. The Hag Trap is adjusted, as well as the add-ons and perk slots.

Also, Bloodlust decay, progression, accumulation and speed boost are adjusted and some of them are even removed.

Dead By Daylight Patch 1.5.0 Notes

Here is the full list of changes in Dead By Daylight with this update. Hope you like it.

-Added a new info Status Effect display in the HUD.

-Added a set of black Left Behind shirts (torso customization) for Dwight, Jake, Meg, Claudette & Nea (available if the player is a member of the Dead by Daylight community on Steam).

-Added controller support in the menus.

-Added localization support for the Korean & Japanese Languages.

-Menu UI V2.

-Added the Bloodlust Mechanic (increased speed for killers during chases).

-Adjusted Hag Trap activation. Will no longer trigger when crouching.

-Adjusted rarities for some perks and rarity probabilities for perks selection in the bloodweb.

-Adjusted the audio occlusion levels of multiple objects.

-Adjusted the effect of light affecting offerings.

-Added the Bloodlust Mechanic (increased speed for killers during chases).

-Adjusted Hag Trap activation. Will no longer trigger when crouching.

-Changed “Iron Grasp” perk. In light of the Sabotage and hook repair implementations, we have changed Iron Grasp’s values to their old values. Struggling is reduced by 25/50/75% changed from 20/40/60%. Time to struggle out of the killers grasp is increased by 4/8/12% instead of 15/27/36%. As noticed the numbers have been much higher for a while, this was due to Killers not having enough access to hooks on the map. The Auto Hook Repair mechanic should allow for smaller Iron Grasp numbers.

-Adjusted add-ons and perk slots to automatically change to the next slot when in the character Loadout.

-Changed mouse cursor and adjusted mouse cursor speed in menus.

-Moved “Settings & Controls”, “Credits” and “Quit Game” buttons to the Main Menu.

-Removed “Extras” from Main Menu.

-Adjusted Exhaustion cooldown recovery speed to be half as fast when running and 133% faster when crouching.

-Bloodlust – Changed decay from 10% a second to 20% a second effectively causing the decay to last a maximum of 5 seconds.

-Bloodlust progression now resets after blinking (The Nurse) or after teleporting to a trap (The Hag).

-Removed bloodlust accumulation and speed boost while cloaked (The Wraith) or stalking (The Shape).

-Removed the bloodlust speed boost while attacking.

-Fixed an issue allowing Killers to be able to equip any power.

-Fixed an issue causing Spectate mode to freeze after switching roles in a KYF and Public lobby.

-Fixed an issue causing Unbreakable to get consumed before usage.

-Fixed an issue causing survivor’s recover bar to reset when they’re picked up by the killer and dropped.

-Fixed an issue causing the Halloween Trademark music not to play when loading into Haddonfield.

-Fixed an issue causing the perk “Adrenaline” to trigger and cause Exhaustion when on the hook while the last generator is repaired. If hooked Adrenaline will now trigger once unhooked.

-Fixed an issue causing the perk “Borrowed Time” to appear as a placeholder perk instead of a status effect icon.

-Fixed an issue causing the perk “Object of Obsession” not to show the Killer the survivor’s aura under certain situations.

-Fixed an issue making it impossible to dismiss the ”Disconnected from server” message with a mouse and keyboard.

-Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to spectate in a KYF or public match.

-Fixed the missing collision in the Blood Lodge map (Junkyard).

-Fixed typos in the main menu.

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