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Factorio Patch 0.15.0 Adds 4 New Science Packs

Factorio just got the biggest update 0.15.0 today. There are a lot of things changed with the latest patch, so I will focus on the major fixes first.

This patch 0.15.0 makes a lot of changes in Factorio. Starting with maps, graphics, balancing, optimizations, network to scripting and modding.

factorio patch 0.15.0

To get the experimental release of the patch 0.15.0 in Factorio, you have to select the “experimental” beta branch in Factorio’s properties. Just heads up, the game will crash for some, so I hope they will fix the problem as soon as possible.

But for now, let’s focus on the major features.You will now find four new science packs in Factorio, Military, Space, High-tech and Production. There is also a Nuclear power and a blueprint library. So, the players can keep their blueprints between saves and now you can share them in multiplayer as well.

You will now find four new science packs in Factorio, Military, Space, High-tech and Production. There is also a Nuclear power and a blueprint library. So, the players can keep their blueprints between saves and now you can share them in multiplayer as well.

These are the major changes in the game. Keep on reading and find out more.

The Factorio 0.15.0 patch changelog is very long, so take your time, sit back and relax. It will only take few minutes.

Factorio Patch 0.15.0 Notes

– Configuration is reset.

– Map Interaction improvements: > Selectable map overlays: logistics networks, pollution, electric network, turret range, etc. > Train stations and trains can be opened by clicking them while in the map view. > Zoom to the world view from the map. It only shows parts of the map covered by radar or other players though. > Custom map markers can be added by the players.

-Added wagon for transporting fluids. > One side of the pump can connect to the fluid wagon, the other side has to be connected to something else.

-When dying in multiplayer you leave behind a body with your items that slowly degrades.

-Added infinite mining productivity research, each tier increases mining productivity by 2%.

-Fuel type now affects vehicle acceleration and top speed.

-Added coal liquefaction oil processing recipe.

-Added Pipette Tool. Picks up items from your inventory used to build the currently selected entity. For resources, it will select the fastest available resource extractor.

-Mini tutorials. Small missions that explain some of the game mechanics. The current content is a testing sample and it only covers trains.

-New scenarios: PvP and Wave defense.

-Added high graphics quality option. In this settings, the following list of things will have a double-resolution: Car, Trains, Rails, Rail signals, Train stop, Transport belts, Underground belts, Splitters, Pipes, Steam engine, Assembling machines, Oil refinery, Chemical plant, Mining drill, Furnaces, Resources.

-New ore graphics that makes the ore patches look less tiled.Tweaked the GUI graphics.

-Tweaked the GUI graphics.

-Decreased the size of the recipe icons on assembling machine by 23%.


-Fast in game interactions like fast inserting into/from the entity and copy paste can be done by dragging instead of having to click one at a time.

-Build-by-moving for electric poles now accounts for covering all unpowered entities on the way.

-Fast replacing input piece of the underground belt will also fast replace the ouput piece if possible.

-Added support for setting player color from the /color command using Lua syntax: {r=…g=…,b=…,a=…}.

-Added warning for a situation when robots don’t have storage place to put items in the logistics network.

-Pumps show their direction in the detailed view.

-Belts and pipes show correct connections when building a blueprint.

-Technologies show the required science packs below the icons in the technology GUI list.

-Technologies are sorted by the science packs needed.

-Added /screenshot command – takes a screenshot of your current game screen.

-Added support for equipment grids in the map editor.

-The build rotation of each blueprint is remembered independently of the general item build rotation.

-Infinite resource minimal yield is calculated using the initial resource amount and the prototype minimum yield.

-Added optional filters to the deconstruction planner.

-Copying from assembling machines to filter inserters will set the filters to the ingredients of the assembling machine recipe.

-Combat robots and construction robots are maintained between sessions in multiplayer and when changing surfaces.

-Added reverse-rotate.

-Offshore pump and generator show pumping speed/fluid usage.

-Alternative select with blueprints (shift + select) skips the blueprint setup GUI.

-Mining rails is disabled if mining starts with trains or gates.

-Toggle fullscreen using Alt + Enter.

-Added “f”/”force” option to the /players command

-Added Logistic networks GUI containing a list of all networks and contents with search (opened by the L key).

-Added /open command – opens another player’s inventory if you’re an admin.

-Added /alerts command – configures alerts for your player.

-Added /mute-programmable-speaker command – disables global sounds created by the Programmable Speaker entity.

-Added /seed command – prints the map seed.

-Added fluids to the production GUI.

-Added kill statistics GUI.

-Added enable/disable all mods button to the mod manager GUI.

-Added automatic barreling support for all fluids.

-Cargo wagons can have settings copied from any distance like Locomotives.

-Added the ability to auto-launch the rocket.

-Train stops can be colored like trains.

-Fish can be collected by robots.

-Extended map generator settings to include an advanced section.

-Added map generator presets.

-Show fog-of-war and radar radius when holding radar in the cursor.

-Seed for map creation on the headless server can be specified via map-gen-settings.json

-Damaged items merge into one stack, the health of the stack will be the average of the items.

-Added server whitelist support — see the /whitelist console command.

-Added /banlist command to operate on the banlist, in addition to the pre-existing /ban and /unban commands.

-Added “favorite” feature in public games list: Keep your favorite servers at the top of the list.

-Added /permissions command for managing permissions in a multiplayer game.

-Added ability to change individual inserter stack size bonuses through GUI or the circuit network.

-Added ability to export and import blueprints, blueprint books, and deconstruction planners as strings.

-Server console will print JOIN and LEAVE messages for players joining or leaving.

-Server console messages that aren’t a part of the main log can be logged separately by running the server with the –console-log option.

-Translatable energy units and SI prefixes (eg. “100 ГВт”).

-Furnaces and assembling machines show a number of products finished.

-Increased the rate at which resources grow with distance from the center by 50%.

-Crude oil balancing: Halved the resource amount on the map Increased the minimum yield from 10% to 20% Halved the rate of depletion. Doubled the starting yield. Fixed that the mechanics of increasing richness with distance from the start wasn’t working for crude oil.

-Increased module inventory size of Chemical plant and oil refinery from 2 to 3.

-Increased logistic slot/trash slot count from 5 per level to 6 per level.

-Removed processing unit from the modular armor and portable solar panel recipe.

-Increased the pump pumping speed 4 times.

-Reduced the plastic bar recipe requirement of petroleum gas 30 -> 20

-Reduced the electric engine recipe requirement of lubricant 20 -> 15

-Reduced the electric furnace recipe requirement of steel 15 -> 10

-Reduced the steel furnace recipe requirement of steel 8 -> 6

-Reduced the pumpjack recipe requirement of steel 10 -> 5

-Reduced crafting time: Engine unit + electric engine unit: 20 -> 10 Pumpjack 10 -> 8 Advanced circuit 8 -> 6 Processing unit 15 -> 10 Cracking recipes 5 -> 3

-Increased stack size of stone wall pipe and belts 50 -> 100

-Increased the maximum power production of the steam engine from 510kW to 900kW.

-Doubled the heat capacity of water from 0.1kJ per degree per liter to 0.2kJ.

-Increased the substation supply area (16X16 to 18X18) and wire reach (16 to 18).


-Player regains health at a much higher rate, but only after being out of combat for 10 seconds.

-Discharge defense equipment pushes back, stuns and damages nearby enemies when activated by the remote.

-Decreased the size of Discharge defense equipment from 3×3 to 2×2.

-Greatly increased the damage of Personal Laser Defense Equipment.

-Flamethrower gun has a minimum range of 3.

-The flames created on the ground from the flamethrower significantly increase in duration and damage when more fuel is added to them by firing at the same spot.

-Increased fire resistance of biter bases.

-Increased the health of player non-combat buildings.

-Increased player health from 100 to 250.

-Increased collected amount and effectiveness of Fish.

-Increased the damage, range and health of biters worms.

-Decreased health and resistance of Behemoth biters.

-Doubled the stack size of all ammo.

-Tweaked the cost and crafting time of some ammo.

-Increased the damage of most player ammo. Greatly increased the damage and fire rate of Rockets and Cannon Shells.

-Increased the collision box of Cannon Shells.

-Increased Tank health and resistances.

-Added research for Tank Cannon Shells damage and shooting speed.

-Tweaked research bonuses and added more end-game research for military upgrades.

-Greatly increased the damage of Mines. They also stun nearby enemies when they explode.

-Added uranium rounds magazine and uranium cannon shells.

-Added flamethrower to the tank.



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