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For Honor: How to Play The Warlord Class

Speaking about the Vikings, the real answer about a true power lays down in the Warlord’s Soul. We’ve decided to make this guide about the Warlords because they seem really strong. Their counter attacks are harassing, just like their in-game title (Harrasser, Counter-Attacker). Have you been asking yourself how to Play the Warlord Class? Well, we hope that we have the answer for you.

By playing the Warlords, you need to play both the Environment and commit the fights. There’s your simple answer.

how to play the warlord class

The Warlord class can beat every other class

Let’s start by saying that the Warlords can easily connect a hit thanks to their Specific moveset.

They can get a guaranteed hit on the enemy very easy. That’s all you need to rely on if you commit to a fight and not focusing on pushing the enemy off a cliff.

For now, let’s just see some of their Specific Movesets in the picture below.

warlords hero specific moveset

As you can see in the picture above, their Heavy attacks are Uninterruptible so you can trade blows with the enemy easily. They also have the power to block light attacks thanks to their Superior Block. To do that, you need to hit the light attack button when the enemy starts attacking you and the attack is on the edge of hitting you. That will block the attack and also counter attack which is really powerful.

Talking about their Full Block Stance, they can easily get a guaranteed Stab afterwards. This is why the Warlords are also powerful.

Warlord’s Moves

Let’s just preview all of their actual moves before we continue speaking.

warlord moveset

So, as you can see above, the Warlord owns a lot of moves. This guide is not going to need to use any kind of crazy combos. The Warlord also owns a few parry moves which might help you dominating your opponent.

Headbutt, Block and Stab, Headbutt Riposte, HeadButt Combo, are really nice to use as they may guarantee a successful hit. Also, the Headsplitter Leap Combo is one of the best moves he owns. This will also give you a guaranteed hit. But, the question is can you survive through? Can you block every single incoming attack?

Analyze your opponent

See if he aims to block attacks or he prefers to parry. If he’s just blocking the attacks and doesn’t parry, then you can go for the Headsplitter Leap Combo and follow it by a Zone Attack. That might just give you an advantage.

Free Heavy Attacks

We’ve been playing with a friend of mine that wasn’t sure how it was working, until now. When you go in a Full Block Stance, you can pretty much follow it with a light attack and get the stab. But, when you block a hit when in Full Stance, you can easily get a Heavy. Just make sure your attack comes fast, right after the block and you’ll see it’s working. This move works the best against Assassins.

Who doesn’t love the free heavy?

We all know the Warlord is a Cancerous class in For Honor. Abusing his headbutt will also give you the chance for a free light attack. Forget about playing with the Environment and push him off the cliff. That’s another fact for he’s cancerous playstyle. Do not let a Warlord catch you with a Guardbreak at all.

I think that will be it, this Warlord guide is short but should be easy to understand. If you have anything to say, please say it in the comments down below. Feel free to do that!

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