H1Z1: King of the Kill Update 4/6 Adds Team Follow Camera & New Hit Feedback

H1Z1: King of the Kill Update 4/6 is live. This update will add a new feature, which is Team Follow Cam.

When playing in Duos or Fives, you will no longer need to sit and relax. Now, you can Spectate your teammates and their outcome throughout the match. Watching them survive will be better than before.

H1Z1: King of the Kill Update 4/6

By pressing the T button, you will get the chance to swap the Camera Toggle View between locked to POV and free camera (locked to character, able to see around).

There is also a new in-game group HUD in Duos and Fives for better providing of information to your team (equipped weapons or whether they wearing a helmet etc…).

All the team members will get an Outline color that will match the color in the Group HUD.

Instead of players remaining, now there will be written “Teams Remaining”.

Globalwise, on the Main Menu, you will be able to invite friends from anywhere in the UI.

There is a changed Region Connection test. Also, Vehicle updates are persistent too, meaning they lose performance as they take damage. This makes the game kinda more realistic.

Hit Colors Feedback

There will be new animations so you can differentiate the impact types of breaking armor, taking body shots etc…

  • Red: Body Shot
  • Yellow: Armor or Helmet
  • White: Vehicle
  • Green: Friendly Fire

Do not worry, you can still revert to the classic hit markers via Settings -> Use Classic Hit Feedback.

This patch will also receive a lot of Bug Fixes too.

For more detailed information on the the patch, please visit the link below:

Do not forget to tell us your thoughts on this H1Z1 update. It looks pretty amazing, right? So, Survivor, are you ready to get back in the game and enjoy the fight?

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