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Heroes Evolved Dragos Build Guide

Dragos is probably the hardest hero to play with in Heroes Evolved. Trust me, it will take some time to master him in the game. But, to make it easier, I have a good build guide and how to use him in a battle guide. So keep on reading and find out more.

Dragos is both melee and ranged hero. He is with 4 very powerful abilities in the game, 1 passive and 3 casters. Blood of the Dragon is his passive skill. It increases attack power and mana regeneration for Fire Dragon. The Ice Dragon gets extra armor and HP regeneration. Draconic Roar is one of his casters. When in a normal state, Dragos stuns the enemy and deals damage. When in Dragon state, the stun range increases. His next caster is Dragon Breath. this is a magic ability, which can be used to deal damage to enemies.

dragos build guide

His ult is Dragonform. This increases his attack range, boosts Fire Dragon’s critical rate and with Ice Dragon state his normal abilities give 3 seconds slowing debuff. So, here is the best way how to use Dragos in a battle. First, use his ult. Then, go for Draconic Roar and stun the enemies. When the enemies are stunned, use his Dragon Breath. You are all set now.

Dragos Build Guide

With the following build guide, Dragos gets insane damage and armor. Trust me, I have been playing for a while now and got to a point where I realized is better to play Dragos as a tank, instead of ganker.

  • Hell Thorn – Reduces abilities cd by 10% and decreases target’s armor.
  • Vitality Boots – Adds 300 HP and 80 movement speed.
  • Steely Strenght – Gives 30% dodge chance. Also, every time Dragos is attacked, he will decrease movement speed and attack speed for the enemy.
  • Demonic Mask – Increases his lifesteal and movement speed. At the same time, he reduces enemy’s movement speed.
  • Godly Cannon – Gets 20% critical strike chance. Also, his critical damage increases for 250%.
  • Radiant Emperor – Radiance is a very good item both for melee and ranged state. Plus, with his armor and damage, Dragos can eliminate a target in just a second.

dragos build guide

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