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Mobile Legends Estes Build Guide

Estes is the newest hero that will be joining Mobile Legends in few weeks. I have an info about his skills, therefore I’ll be making a guide on how to use Estes skills and what items he needs for an MVP title.

You can claim Estes for 349 diamonds or 24k BP, only for the first 7 days.

estes build guide

He is the Moon Elf King, using the power of the moonlight to protect and guide his own kind.

Estes is part of the Support class in Mobile Legends, with high ability effects, durability and offense. Like the rest of the heroes in the game, he is with 4 skills, one of them is passive and three are casters.

His passive skill is the Code of Moon Elves. His basic attack can ricochet from the main target to the closest enemy and slows them down.

Moonlight Immersion is his first caster. He restores HP and can link between him an ally hero.

Next skill is Domain of Moon Goddess. Estes summons a domain, at a specific direction, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies movement speed.

Blessing of Moon Goddess is his ult. He turns into the King of Moonlight, enhancing HP regen for himself and allies.

The key to winning in a battle is Estes’s ability to heal. You need to be all the time near allies, so they can deal damage consistently and grant you a win. So, whenever in battle, cast the Domain first, then use Moonlight Immersion. Keep his ult for last. You can use it if the allies need super HP regen.

Estes Build Guide – Best Support Is The Key To Win

As a support, Estes needs a perfect build guide that will give him extra mana, mana regen and durability. In addition, you can choose Flicker ability and Magic Emblem set.

  • Guardian Relic – Increases Estes’s magic power. Also, every time he hits a target with a skill, the magic attack will increase by 15%.
  • Arcane Boots – Adds 15 magic penetration and 40 movement speed.
  • Calamity Scythe – Increase his magic power, mana and cd reduction. After casting a spell, the next attack will deal extra 150% magic damage.
  • Frost – Casting a skill will slow the enemy.
  • Dominance Ice – Reduces enemy’s movement speed and attack speed.
  • Blood Wings – Increases Estes’s magic power for 150 pts.

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