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Mobile Legends Hilda Build Guide

Mobile Legends fans, are you ready for a brand new hero in the game? This time, the developers are bringing Hilda in the game.

You can purchase Hilda for 24k BP or 349 diamonds for the first week.

hilda build guide

Hilda is part of the Fighter and Tank class in the game, with very high damage stats. To make it even harder for the enemies, she uses 4 skills, one of them is passive and the rest are casters. So, I will present you a guide on how to use her skills, and at the bottom of this article, you can check the best build guide for Hilda.

Hilda Skills And How To Use Them

Hilda’s passive skill is Blessing of Wilderness. If on low HP, go in the bush and the speed of regen increases for Hilda. At the same time, she gets a shield that absorbs damage. This effect last for 5 seconds.

One of her casters is Combat Ritual. This spell increases Hilda’s movement speed and damage on her next attack. Hilda will also deal damage to the enemy behind the target.

The second caster is Art of Hunting. Hilda locks on a target and the skill can be cast 3 times. The second attack deals damage, and the third will knock back enemies. At the same time, she deals physical damage.

Her ult is Power of Wildness. Hilda jumps towards the target, deals high physical damage and stuns the target. Enemies around the target will receive damage as well. A kill or assist increases the Power of Wildness and the physical damage by 40pts.

Here is how to use Hilda’s skills on the battlefield. First, use Art of Hunting, then go for her ult and keep Combat Ritual for last. Trust me, this hero is very hard to eliminate, but if you play with Hilda, she will grant you an MVP title without any doubts.

Hilda Build Guide MLBB

As both Fighter and Tank, it’s very hard to choose the perfect items for her. I have tried different builds, but this one is the best for Hilda.

  • Haas’s Claws – Increase Hilda’s physical attack and grants 20% lifesteal. When her HP goes below 40%, Hilda gets extra 10% lifesteal.
  • Warrior Boots – Adds 22 armor and increase her movement speed. Also, her physical defense increases up to 15 pts.
  • Blade of the 7 Seas – Hilda gets extra pts to her physical attack, HP and attack speed.
  • Scarlet Phantom – Each critical strike increases Hilda’s attack speed and critical strike rate.
  • Blade of Despair – An enemy in an abnormal state gets an extra 10% damage.
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen – When Hilda’s HP goes below 40%, she gets extra 10% of a lifesteal. At the same time, this item increases her physical damage and magic defense.

The above-mentioned build guide goes great for her class. But here is something that will make her unbeatable. Following this build guide, you can use Fury as BS and Tank emblem. Check out the image below.

  • Bloodlust Axe – Every time Hilda casts a skill, she heals 15% of dmg as HP.
  • Cursed Helmet – Hilda deals 1.5% of her HP as magic damage.
  • Immortality – Rebirth
  • Demon’s Advent – Each attack on Hilda will reduce enemy’s attack power.
  • Thunder Belt – After casting a skill, Hilda’s next attack will deal extra 70% of physical attack and slow down the enemy’s movement speed.
  • Heart of Steel – Grants extra HP, armor and HP regeneration.

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