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Muradin Build Guide: A Hardcore Tank

Is there anyone that doesn’t like Muradin? I mean, he’s one of the best tanks in Heroes of the Storm. Everything he owns is just perfect, and as the game goes through, it just becomes a lot more interesting to play. We are making this Muradin Talent Guide because we think he definitely deserves our attention.

This Build is how we prefer to play it as it seems to be working because we have around 70% win rate. We’re talking about lots of games played out with Muradin.

Muradin Build Guide

Muradin’s abilities are also CC related thanks to his stun and the AOE slow he does, plus the fact that their attack speed gets reduced thanks to Thunder Clap.

Muradin Build Guide – Tanky Tanky

Alright, Enough speaking, let’s jump straight to the talent guide. As we said, this is how we prefer playing it, if you do not like it or have a build on your own, you can easily contact us and we’ll make things happen.

Muradin’s step by step talents guide

1 Block

Muradin's Block Talent

4 Reverberation

Muradin's Reverberation

7 Iron-forged Momentum

10 Avatar

Avatar Heroic

13 Healing Static

Healing Static

16 Give 'em the Axe!

Muradin Give 'em the Axe!

20 Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force

By having all of these talents, this Muradin’s build might give you the advantage to survive throughout hard fights, really hard fights.

Getting Strong

After getting the Healing Static talent on Level 13, he can heal himself a lot, while his heroic is active. 5% or 25%, depends on you. If you hit the Thunder Clap like you should, that might heal you a big time. This is his survivability talent. Works really awesome.

Damage output

The next talent that comes after level 13 is Give ’em the Axe! This is when Muradin becomes really interesting. This will increase your damage output and Muradin will be able to get enemies off his way to success. Having this kind of build, you should be wrecking people down very easy.

It’s simple and easy to win games by playing Muradin, he’s definitely one of the best tanks in the game and also, after the level 16 talent, things will get a lot easier. As we said in our previous guides, It’s all about the experience, nothing else. So, make sure your team and you are not falling behind in terms of XP.

That’s pretty much it, we honestly hope that you’ll love this Muradin’s build. We also hope that you’ll get to win games by using this guide. This is the best you can get on Muradin, according to us. If you have anything else to say, please, let us know in the comments down below.

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