PlayStation Games For April

Next week, starting from 4/11/17, PlayStation is launching some awesome games for all PS owners.

PS4, PS Vita and PS VR owners will have a chance to enjoy some great games the following week. All of the games are releasing on the same day, 11th of April. To be exact, there are 14 games in total. So keep on reading and find out more.

playstation games for april

First on the list is A Rose in the Twilight for PS Vita. Here, a girl and a giant are working together to escape from the Curse of Thorns.

Next up, is Aaero for PS4. This is a high-speed sci-fi shooting action game, where the players can experience high audio-visual effects. Cosmic Star Heroine comes in 3rd place. The game is for PS4, where you play as Alyssa L’Salle and your mission is to save the galaxy.

Ps4 owners will get Crawl as well. Here, the player controls the monsters and the mission is to slay the hero.

Who likes fishing? I sure do! If you don’t have a chance or time to go fishing, then Euro Fishing is the perfect choice for you. Also, you will get a chance to see Europe’s most famous lakes.

Now it’s time for PS Vita owners and the new Fairune game. Level up by collecting different weapons and eliminate the monsters who are trying to invade your realm.

We go back to PS4 owners and the Kero Blaster an indie game, in 2d style.

Lichtspeer is next on the list for PS Vita owners. The player will be facing against Wurst Zombies and Ice Giants who came out of Germanic myths. Fight against the monster, for glory and honor from the Gods.

The next game goes for all artists out there. Grab your PS4 controller and start creating walls, platforms and much more in Rolling Bob.

The Sexy Brutale is on the list for PS4. Unveil the secrets of The Sexy Brutale casino and solve the mystery.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom is also on the list for PS4. Although is sunny for me outside, I wouldn’t mind to get my snowmobile and enjoy the winter landscapes :). Cool idea, right?

The long awaited StarBlood Arena for PS VR is finally here. For those who don’t now, this is a combat game, where you are facing against pilots from all over the galaxy. Your goal is to collect as much as credits and glory you can. But, can you survive in the Arena?

Stardew Valley: Collector’s Edition for PS4 will be available to purchase in the PS Store as well on 11th of April. Are you ready to leave everything behind and start a new life?

We reached the last game for PS4, Yooka-Laylee. This is a crazy duo, a lizard and a bat who are trying to survive in this adventures game.

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