The Division 1.6.1 PTS Update Comes Tomorrow

Alright agents, are you ready for a brand new fun and also content. Are you finally ready to get rid of those macro users? Well, speaking about the Division, the 1.6.1 PTS Update that is going to come tomorrow, will offer a lot of changes.

But, listen closely, we are speaking about a Public Test Server, where players can download the PTS client and just tryout the game. Despite like the previous 1.6 PTS Update, this one won’t keep us awake throughout the whole night, just to get the taste of the new content. Basically, works the same, your live characters will be copied on the PTS, so you can try them out there.

What’s going to be new in this 1.6.1 update

Well, watching the most recent State of the Game, we know that the new Loadout System will be available so players can swap between their favorite gear set anytime while playing their main character, without logging off. This was so much needed in The Division, which means it will be a lot easier managing your favorite build. Players will be able to name their loadouts whatever they want to.

As they’ve said in the previous State of the Game, the macro users will vanish as they will limit the rate of fire for good. This is such an amazing update considering the macro users were able to spam the Urban MDR so they can get the maximum rate of fire. Burst fire MP5’s are also not going to work when using the mouse scroll.

The Last Stand will also receive its tweaks regarding balances and that’s why the devs would just love you to hop in the game and test it out on the PTS.

HVT’s will be fixed and no more stuck in the spawn area so players can finish them off. Level 34 extended magazines will be fixed too, as promised in the previous State of the Game. Now, they are more balanced and players will be pushed to roll the magz.

Nimble talented holster will receive its heal over time instead of insta-heal. It will be heal over time lasting for 4 seconds. This was also annoying for lot of players as players using the cover-to-cover damage reduction talent were able to survive while performing the move and also get the insta-heal.

Good Bye Airburst Seeker Mine

Also, guess what? Seeker mine – Airburst will be changed too! It’s time to say good bye to all of the abusers.

For more information around this make sure you visit the State of the Game on twitch. We honestly think that the 1.6.1 update will be a pretty good update. It should be a big clean-up on all the bugs, just before the big content update that will come in the summer.

Also, there will be a new Elite Task Force session. It will take place in the UK at Ubi Reflections studio.

One more time, let us remind you that this will be going on the PTS servers, not on the live servers. So, in order to try this patch, make sure to download the Division PTS Client so you can get a taste on the 1.6.1 update.

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