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Unturned Patch Brings New Navmesh

Unturned got a new patch today. This update brings changes in the game, bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

The primary motive with this update is to bring the new navmesh system in Unity 5.6. Unfortunately, the data can’t be saved yet. So, we will be stuck with the old system for now.

unturned patch

In addition, the bug with canvas is not sorted yet. This means, when you drop items in Devkit you won’t be able to see them. The devs are saying this will be fixed anytime soon.

For the full patch notes, keep on reading and find out more.

Unturned Patch Notes

Here is the list with the full patch notes.

-Added radio frequency option to groups menu.

-Fixed an exploit with NPC vendors.

-Added tile draw distance option to instanced foliage mesh assets.

-Added placard signs. [IDs 1467-1470]

-Improved holographic sights to stay centered.

-Fixed moonbuggy misconfigured seats.

-Added options for max ping and queue/game timeout to server config.

-Improved mp position compression to work with taller maps.

-Updated to Unity 5.6

-Tweaked to cap aspect ratio at 21:9

-Tweaked stereo audio range lower.

-Added planar reflection quality setting.

-Tweaked small pebbles tile draw distance lower.

-Fixed server asking itself for quest info.

-Fixed using asset/type browsers outside of the editor.

-Improved scope off performance and scaling.

-Fixed tourist hat mythical hook.

-Improved ocean reflection performance.

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