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Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.13 The Biggest Content Update

Watch Dogs 2 is getting a new free content update on Monday, April 17th, 2017. This is so far the biggest update, that includes new Showdown PvP gameplay. There are also some gameplay improvements and bug fixes, so keep on reading and find out more.

The newest patch will be available to download for free on Monday, together with No Compromise DLC which hits PS4 the next day, on April 18th.

watch dogs 2 patch 1.13

Watch Dogs 2 gets a new Online Mode called ShowD0wn, Online Races, Loot Truck Event, Paintball Gun and New Clothes.

ShowDown is a 2v2 PvP match, where you can play together with a friend or just go random. This mode is with 3 new objectives in 15 locations. The objectives are Steal the HDD, Doom-load and Erase and Protect the Servers. Each mode will be an awesome challenge, where you can check your skills and knowledge.

The players can now use Drone, Motorcross and eKart to compete for the season rewards. To check the score, go on the leaderboards and see how good you are.

With the latest Watch Dogs 2 patch 1.13. the players will have a chance to hack armored trucks and take the cash. These trucks will spawn randomly, so if you see one, don’t hesitate and take that cash!

This is something I personally find very interesting, the Paintball Gun. You can get it on the 3D printer and stun enemies. When in PvP, everytime you hit or get hit by a Paintball Gun, your screen will be colored from the paint. Sounds great, right? I can’t wait!

There will be 13 new clothing items in Watch Dogs 2. Unfortunately, I don’t have any official info about it, so as soon I get something, I will let you know.

So far, these are the major updates. To see the full patch, keep on reading and find out what’s fixed.

Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.13 Notes

This update brings some gameplay improvements, fixes some bugs for the “Bio Hacking”, Duplicate operations and Key Data. Here is everything you need to know.

  • Explosive damage effectiveness is improved.
  • Leaderboard system is updated.
  • “Bio Hacking” blocker – you can now complete this mission without any problems.
  • Duplicate operations – There will no longer be duplicate entries in DedSec App.
  • Key Data – Units are now with a proper definition.

Watch Dogs 2 No Compromise DLC is now available on PlayStation 4. Here is an awesome trailer for the free April update.

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