Windows 10 Game Mode Feature is Coming Soon

We guess you’ve already heard and know what actually Windows 10 Game Mode Feature is. This Game Mode Feature should come soon, probably within an update this month. So, open your eyes, because it might come even sooner than we think.

The new “Game Mode” in Windows 10 is going to optimize your video games performance. It will make your fps a bit higher, which is going to be welcome by every single gamer.

Let us bring this down to you. By meaning a bit higher, we think about getting a boost around 5-10 FPS for every single game you play on your PC.

How’s it going to work?

Whenever you launch a Game, the Windows Game Mode it will prioritize the CPU and GPU resources to the game more than anything else. This project was recently available for all the Microsoft Insider users being able to download the update.

Now, the time for getting more mature has finally come and every single Windows 10 user should be able to get the update. As Microsoft stated, this idea is to improve the FPS in every single game you play.

How to Activate Windows Game Mode

Windows 10 Game Mode Feature

It is simple, you will need to go into the Windows 10 settings and Select Gaming. You can see the picture above. Then you will need to go to Game Mode, and enable the game mode setting to ON. It’s not just that, then, you will need to launch your favorite game and activate the game mode separately.

Windows 10 Game Mode

It’s not just that, then, you will need to launch your favorite game and activate the game mode separately by clicking the Assigned Shortcut for the in-game overlay menu. By default, it is the Windows + G key.

Then, you will be able to activate the Game Mode feature just for that particular game. By doing this, as we said, your GPU and CPU resources should be prioritized to focus the game before anything else. That’s just awesome. There’s no gamer that will deny this kind of feature. Improving the Game Performance from Microsoft might be really good choice, instead of installing some third party software. Because, Microsoft surely knows the best how to do that, since Windows 10 is their product. So, before getting any kind of third party application, wait a bit more and get the new Windows 10 Update.

What do you think? Is this update going to be the best ever looking it from gamer’s aspect? Tell us what are your thoughts on the new Game Mode feature by Microsoft. We can’t wait for the update to hit every single Windows user and just see the overall Feedback.

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